While we are all sheltering in place to help stop the spread of C19, we are diving down rabbit holes of home projects, DIY jobs, and anything we’ve put off over the past few years. During that rabbit hole, I’m sure you are all like me and have found new and exciting ways to entertain yourself. We’ve been finding gold, as has the popular YouTuber Ammo NYC. His recent barn find is astounding. Check out his channel and this particular video for some insane, low-mileage, collectible cars all stuck in quarantine like the rest of us.

If you watch, you can spot everything from first-gen Vipers to E30 M3s, Acura NSXs, Ferrari 308s, and some other rare examples of automotive history. 

When you’ve finished checking out these two videos and are looking for something else to do, go back through his library of content and enjoy some detail porn. AmmoNYC is essentially visual ASMR for car guys, especially those of us who enjoy extreme detailing jobs. He is certainly an expert in his field and offers tons of excellent information for you to learn from. Take some time out of your day and enjoy some detailing videos after you pick your jaw off the floor when you see this collection.