ECS Goes RAD: the RADwood Cleveland Event Coverage

As those of us who came of age in the 80s and 90s grow older, the culture that we were born into but otherwise rather exempt from has made its resurgence. In the past few years for the car community, this explosion of all things vintage has mirrored the muscle car boom of the early [...]

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Specialty Tools and DIYs Every VW Owner Needs

Part of becoming an enthusiast is recognizing that performing maintenance services on your VW aren’t inconveniences, but rather, opportunities. You gain new skills and confidence with every service that requires more work, build a relationship with your car, and become quite self-sufficient with these mechanical skills that transfer fairly universally to other parts of your [...]

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Car Market Inflation, The Global Situation, And You

Since March of 2020, we’ve seen extreme, generation-defining, events happen real-time back to back. Most recently, for the past fifty-three days and amidst an ongoing global pandemic, Ukraine is attempting to repel Russian invaders and millions of refugees have fled the country as a result. What this most recent global event, and the preceding line [...]

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Movie Car Shootout!

This month, people who don’t spend their evenings and weekends in the garage or out enjoying their cars are all focused on basketball. Us car guys, however, as a majority tend to ignore this championship entirely. So, in order for us to have some fun with competitions of our own before show season and racing [...]

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Euro District 2021: ECS Tuning Coverage

In Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope, audiences were introduced to this small cast of characters fighting unambiguously for good against a well-armed and militaristic empire with a planet-killing space station. The movie ends with good triumphing over evil after overcoming some difficult, but not insurmountable, odds, but the universe in which it took place [...]

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Dubs at the Gap Official Event Coverage

When we left ECS on Friday around 8 am, we did the typical stop to get fuel and snacks. Overall, the drive was uneventful until we ran into our friends from Pittsburgh: Tyler Herwig, Eric Zyvith, and the gang we've been fortunate enough to befriend over this past show season. From there, we enjoyed a [...]

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Solve Your VW MK6 GTI 2.0T TSI Misfire and Check Engine Light

The Volkswagen MK6 GTI 2.0T TSI took the MK5 and made it more appealing. It was better than just a facelift. It took what the MK5 did well and made significant improvements to the car at every corner. The MK6 is still an incredible platform and is more affordable than ever, but they’re becoming older [...]

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