In the last two articles, we focused on our favorite upgrades for VWs hand-picked by our team here. This week and next, we’re giving the same treatment for the favorite Audi platforms. Here’s everything we suggest for improving the performance of your Audi, whether its a B5 S4 or a minty SQ5, we’ve got you covered. 

A little more introduction is required for the Audi platforms, as they are extremely varied. Even the more “similar” models tend to demand different approaches. So, we’re just going to be extremely high-level here. What works for an old V8 Quattro is going to be completely different from a B7 A4, which we have covered extensively in recent articles. So, here’s some principles of performance that will apply to any and all Audi platforms with our hand-picked parts links by model listed at the end. If you just want to jump down and see what we have for your car, everything you need to know is right there. Otherwise, read on for some of our Audi insights.

Engine Performance

Unlike the VW platforms which, despite some generational differences, are mostly the same, Audi models are somewhat all over the place with their engines. You’re just as likely to have an NA Audi as you are a turbo, and it’s just as likely to have a modern forced-induction engine as it is to have something still relying on CIS. So, we’re just going to run through some principles of performance here. 

No matter what you have, you’re going to want to increase efficiency and improve the volume of air your Audi can intake and expel. The basics are intake and exhaust upgrades. For the turbo cars, an improved intercooler and possibly intake manifold (depending on your application) will further open up the taps. More air means more fuel, which combines to produce more power. You can’t really go wrong with any intake and exhaust choice, our suggestion is to select your price point and sound goals and decide through preference. Fortunately, we offer everything from our own in-house designed intake, intercooler, exhaust, and even intake manifold options to the best names in the industry. It all comes down to what you prefer. The main objective is to just open everything up.

Drivetrain Upgrades

If you have a new Audi, it may be tough to want to sacrifice the comfort offered by the factory bushings and mounts. However, if you’re rocking something that’s old enough to buy it’s own drinks, you’re going to want to upgrade those suspension bushings and engine, transmission, and differential mounts for the best feeling from your aging car. Upgraded bushings help reduce deflection and increase driver feedback for an all-around handling improvement. 


Nothing is better for improving street and track performance than replacing your brake pads, rotors, lines, and fluids with higher-performance alternatives. Our hand-picked selection of brake upgrades offer you plenty of options based on your budget and driving needs. Hawk brake pads and Talon rotors, ECS Exact-fit lines, and your favorite high-temp brake fluid are the perfect combination for street performance to give your Audi the ability to shed speed quickly so you can get back on the power sooner. With temperature ranges designed to resist fade but have an initial bit suitable for the street, Hawk pads and rotors are our go-to choice for Audi brake upgrades.


What’s better than looking good? Feeling good. For regularly driven cars that need help in both the looks and feels departments, we suggest a competent set of coilovers. At the price point for the capabilities offered, our ECS Adjustable Coilovers offer sizable improvements to both looks and feel. However, we don’t have fitment options for every Audi out there. So, we’d like to turn your attention to H&R, Bilstein, and BC Racing. All three companies offer well-loved, high-quality options for nearly every Audi out there. 


One word: Tekniform. Our in-house rotary-forged wheel brand is designed specifically for Audi fitment with modern takes on classic styles brought to you in a lightweight, durable, and affordable package. Whether you’re looking to reduce unsprung rotational mass or just want to set your Audi apart from the crowd, Tekniform wheels offer something for everyone.

Wrapping Up

See, I told you this would be high level. Now go out there and give your Audi some love with some of our favorite upgrades featured in our by-model list below. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to start finalizing my outlines for the upcoming exams in constitutional law, criminal law, and property law that are dominating my life in the next few weeks. 

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B6 S4 Top Upgrades

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