Modern VWs and Audis use numerous computer modules and sensors to accurately control performance, features, and efficiency. All internal failures are reflected on the dashboard, but the Check Engine Light and various warning lights only tell you so much. How do you know what is exactly wrong with your car? 

Automotive software that communicates with your ECU is essential to fixing many problems and unlocking features, so to interface with your vehicle you will need an OBD adapter that can gain access to multiple sensors and parameters of your car. There are ample options for OBDII readers on the market, but not all are created with the same purpose in mind. While most of them perform simple diagnostics, OBDeleven offers advanced functionality, more specific details about faults, and is convenient for service professionals to ordinary drivers. 

How to personalize your car  

For Volkswagen and Audi owners who want to set their cars apart from the crowd, OBDeleven helps to personalize their vehicles and increase their performance as well as read any vehicle fault codes, reset adaptations, and unlock hidden features.  

This small Bluetooth device operates via mobile application. OBDEleven can turn your smartphone into an intelligent vehicle assistant that’s as informative as it is intuitive. It helps to reveal hidden capabilities that were turned off by the manufacturer, adjust, and tune specific components via the cloud-based software, such as side view dip mirrors. Often, these features and abilities are installed on every car, but not activated from the factory.  

You can scan, analyze, read, clear, and share fault codes, program and monitor car systems as well. You only need to plug the OBDeleven into the OBD-II diagnostic port of the car and download the OBDeleven app. This easy to use software from the comfort of your smartphone serves as your translator to effectively communicate with your car, making it perfect for everyone from casual drivers to experienced technicians. 

Simplicity of making complex changes 

If you do not have coding experience and do not want to mess up, use one-touch modifications, OBDEleven offers One-Click apps. They can change or adjust vehicle settings and functions in just one click: reset service and inspection lights (oil service reset, brake pads replacement, etc.), adapt additional vehicle parts after installation (LED license plate lights, washer fluid level sensor, etc.), adjust comfort functions for specific driver needs (adjusting car lights, controlling comfort features, unlocking cool new features, disabling unwanted functions and more).  

One-Click-Apps available on your car may depend on the vehicle equipment. They can be activated using in-app currency (OBDeleven credits). 

What’s in it for the experts? 

As OBDeleven can access all the control units of your vehicle it is capable of Pro-level customization. This Includes unlocking access to a wide range of diagnostic information, control unit resets, adaptation, settings and output testing, anti-lock braking systems, airbag controls, live tracking of information, customization of displays, colors, windows control via key fob, turn on rain-sensing wipers, changing climate control buttons and numerous other features. 

If you are an expert or at least a keen enthusiast with a DIY spirit, and previous experience with Car Coding/Programming, you can do it yourself using a yearly PRO Subscription and customize as many vehicles as you need.  

Accessing the newest models with OBDeleven 

Volkswagen AG has introduced new security changes preventing the devices not approved by the manufacturer from coding the newest VAG models. 

Voltas IT, the manufacturers of OBDeleven, fulfilled the strict security requirements of Volkswagen AG that enabled OBDeleven to communicate directly with Volkswagen servers and unlock control units.  

OBDeleven is the first Third-party diagnostic tool that allows real-time SFD unlocking. 

OBDeleven allow their users to code the SFD protected vehicles without any additional cost – no need to purchase a GeKo account or buy SFD unlock tokens. 

Wrapping Up

OBDEleven is the modern solution for every VW or Audi owner who wants a software that can do more than just read simple codes but doesn’t need access to VAGCOM or expensive diagnostic tools only affordable for independent or dealership service shops. With OBDEleven, you can unlock a new level of communication between you and your car from the convenience of your smartphone with intuitive software designed specifically for enthusiasts like you to make the most out of their Audi or VW ownership experience.