With the number of states that are taking precautions over the COVID-19 outbreak growing, we know that leaves many of us at home while we wait for everything to settle and clear. That is the right move for the sake of our country’s health, but it is incredibly hard to stay busy and motivated as we are all confined to our houses. That is, it might be tough for people who have nothing to do. You, however, are a car enthusiast. That means you probably have a project, repair, or tinkering that needs to be done. Now is the perfect opportunity. With help from our Assembled by ECS Tuning Service Kits and some Schwaben tools at your disposal, you can knock it out and stay entertained while staying home. 

Oil Service Kits

One of the easiest and most crucial services for your car is changing the oil. Not only is this something you need to do, but something that takes less than half an hour and can be done without significant effort. The most difficult parts about your oil service is determining the best oil to use for your application, finding the best filter, and ensuring you get the right amount. With our Assembled by ECS oil service kits, we have everything you need for your specific vehicle in one box with the best products available. LIQUI MOLY oil, Hengst or Mann filters, and a new drain plug, crush washer, and oil filter housing gasket if applicable. Since you just have to select your vehicle and then order the kit, you don’t have to worry about whether you picked the right products. If you want to make this service even easier, our Schwaben Fluid Extractor is the most thorough and cleanest way to pull your oil out without even lifting the car, provided you have a top-mount oil filter. 

Ignition Service and Upgrade Kits

Old spark plugs and coil packs are the banes of your engine. If you are experiencing random misfires, especially at high boost. It’s important to change your plugs and coils at the recommended interval, but why not make an upgrade? Red top coil packs for your Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen are higher intensity and designed for upgraded applications, like bigger turbos and more aggressive tunes, for more consistent spark. With the Assembled by ECS ignition service kits, you have everything you’ll need to replace and upgrade your ignition system for the results you need. Not only that but once again, this is an easy service and something you can do while you wait for your oil to drain. 

Transmission, Differential, and Haldex Service Kits

While not as often as your engine requires, your transmission, differential, and Haldex (in equipped Volkswagen/Audi models) also need fresh oil at regular intervals. Ensuring your gears all stay happy and lubricated is essential, as is replacing your drain and fill plugs to make sure all that fresh oil stays where it belongs. We have service kits for your drivetrain essentials that have all the correct transmission, diff, and Haldex fluids that give you confidence when you go to service your system. This is an excellent service to knock out while your car is up in the air for the oil service, and something you can do at the same time. Knock out your transmission, differential, and Haldex services with our Assembled by ECS kits!


If you’re like me, you inspect your brakes a few times a year and tackle pad, rotor, and fluid replacement before you hear the squeals. If you’re already changing your oil, your transmission fluid, and more with the car in the air, this is a fantastic time to inspect your brakes. Our helpful Assembled by ECS brake service kits and upgrade kits are the easiest solutions for your next replacement. They include brake pads, rotors, fluid, and more, depending on which kits you select, and are a great way to save by ordering it all in one box. If you don’t remember the last time you flushed your brake fluid, be sure to snag a brake pressure bleeder tool from Schwaben and read our Brake Bleed DIY article.

So, if you’re like us and stuck at home, you have plenty of options to stay busy by keeping your car in shape. Tackle those maintenance services all at once and make it easy on yourself with help from Assembled by ECS service kits and Schwaben tools to help you finish the job like a professional.