Warming up in the morning

Julian and I warmed up our cars, sat happily back in our drivers’ seats, and anticipated the winding country drive out to Ooltewah, where we would meet up with Karey. All I could think was that, despite enormous struggle on both our parts, somehow the E30 was there in Chattanooga and in rare form. It was perfect. It felt amazing. After a winter of work right up until the minute we departed, my E30 seemed to exude excitement as it knew I was about to drive it as it was built to be driven.

Karey and Julian wash cars as Sinh pulls in the driveway with his Nismo 350z
Ben Battles’ bagged Passat on Bentley wheels
Julian enjoying some fried rice
Taylor and David
Basyr stares intently as his steak is finished. Karey and Sinh deep in conversation about Coronavirus.