Contemporary BMWs continue to explore the limits of styling and performance even with high-production numbers. They demonstrate the perfect blend of luxury and driving engagement from an attractive, convenient, and advanced package that offers drivers more versatility with each iteration. The F82 M4 is perhaps the most extreme example, sacrificing some usability and comfort for a sport-oriented take on BMW’s most prolific model range, should you still consider the 4-series part of the 3-series chassis. The M4 provides drivers with a nostalgic experience from a modern perspective. While the car handles and performs exceptionally, what if you want to give the somewhat understated exterior an appearance that matches its capabilities? That’s just what the in-house design team at Turner Motorsport set out to accomplish. We’re excited to show you the brand-new visual upgrade package for your F82 M4 that gives it the aggressive, motorsport-inspired, attitude change it deserves that is customized to your preference.

The M4 boasts impressive figures. Over 400hp and 400tq, an available manual transmission, sport-tuned active suspension, and adjustable settings for the exhaust, steering, and engine management make it an astounding car from the factory. Since it was a highly developed vehicle from a performance division with more money than any aftermarket company, the fit and finish of a performance car that was always intended to be a trackable option makes it something even the best home builders could never replicate. It’s a total package. However, with just a few simple tweaks, the spirit of the M4 and its competitive motorsport roots can be accentuated without compromising the original styling or detracting from its poise. Let us show you what we mean.

Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler and Splitter

Modern car modification takes a ‘less is more’ approach. The idea is to emulate the appearance of competition vehicles, like the GT-class M4s still present on the IMSA circuit, with your M4. With the Turner Motorsport aero package, they take that approach but focus their attention on function. The carbon fiber front lip spoiler is simply an addition to add an aggressive styling element to the front bumper and offer a lower appearance, but it does serve an actual purpose. With the quite functional adjustable MC2P front splitter, the front aero package becomes a true contributor to downforce and helps your M4 stay planted at high speed. It isn’t just for show, though it does look exceptionally mean. The front splitter is beefy and sturdy enough for you to stand on and holds up under high speed. This splitter and lip spoiler combination is the perfect mix of form and function. What is primarily for looks are the optional carbon fiber side wings, which can be had from a choice of two sizes, or left out entirely.

Carbon Fiber Side Skirts and Side Wings

Moving to the sides, the Turner Motorsport Side Skirts extend the width of your M4 for a more visually striking appearance. They ‘tie the wheels together’ so to speak. Where the chassis naturally tapers inward, towards the center of the vehicle, these side skirts make a sharp turn outwards, perpendicular to the ground. They offer a subtle, yet highly styled, change that compliments the other carbon fiber integrated into the design of the M4. With the optional side wings, that visual upgrade can be more pronounced and presents your M4 as a more serious performance weapon on the street or track.

Carbon Fiber Rear Upper and Lower Diffuser

The rear of the M4 has perhaps one of the most important functions in terms of design aesthetics, as that’s ideally what other drivers will spend the most time seeing. The quad-tip, centered, exhaust is an element that has persisted since the E46 M3 and continues to be a defining feature of M-cars in the 3 and 4-series range. However, the rear of the car leaves something to be desired when the purpose of the car is considered. It should look busier. It should look like the actual performance is backed up by muscle you can see. The carbon fiber upper and lower diffusers do just that without going overboard. Sure, a chassis mount wing would achieve a similar function, but the execution makes it look like an afterthought. The Turner Motorsport diffuser pieces provide a sporty improvement while seamlessly integrating into the existing BMW design cues for a more comprehensive look. Of course, the pieces are available separately, but the combination of both the upper and lower gives your M4 a ground-hugging optical illusion that nearly allows you to visualize the airflow as it exits underneath your car. Back to the ‘less is more’ statement, this set of upgrades is enough to announce the M4’s presence without ruining the classiness of your M-division coupe.

Carbon Fiber High Kick Spoiler

Finally, perhaps the first place even a casual observer would notice is the rear wing. The M4 is conspicuously missing any exciting element on the rear decklid that have been staples of the M name since the earliest days of the 3.0CSL coupe. As time passed, the wings became less aggressive and more integrated, while still serving the purpose of alerting other motorists and onlookers that your car is the sporty one. That, and providing some downforce. For the M4, a tacky add-on like the old days just won’t suffice. With the Turner Motorsport High-Kick Carbon Fiber Spoiler, the same visual elements present on the car, like the dual humps across the roof, are continued to the spoiler with an almost serif flick. The high-kick spoiler offers a contemporary style with an honest and intentional adherence to BMW’s original design. If you add nothing else, the high-kick spoiler should be present on your M4.

Yes, less truly is more when contemporary cars are concerned, especially with the BMW M4. Taking visual element changes too far detracts from the overall attitude of the car. The Turner Motorsport Aero Package is the designer watch, wallet, tie clip, and shoes to your three-piece suit of a top-shelf BMW. You wouldn’t wear even the nicest sneakers with your suit, so why would you do the same with your M4? Quality, functionality, and grace are the caveats upon which your M4 was designed, so ensure the modifications you make match those characteristics with Turner Motorsport carbon fiber visual upgrades.