Building the perfect version of your car is something of a never-ending journey. It takes creativity and motivation to find the next step when you’ve exhausted the basics. To do something truly unique, you have to step outside the box and take a risk. At ECS, we pride ourselves on that sort of innovation that is displayed in every new product we take from concept to reality. The latest line of ECS Tuning exclusive upgrades has pushed the boundaries once again by offering more than just a new part: we’re providing the chance for you to take some of that design process into your hands with our brand-new Custom Universal Body Kits for your car.

The Universal Body Kit Program allows you to experience an element of our design process by crafting a completely custom aero package for whatever you drive. With this kit, you aren’t constrained by four corners. You are the creative genius behind your car’s next leap in style with this cutting-edge program. We supply the canvas, you supply the art. 

What’s in the box, you might ask? Our kit comes with nearly everything you need to create a visual representation of your style and character from your car. High-quality, multilayer, corrugated, lightweight cardboard for you to design your vision is included in this kit. It’s all just waiting to become your next masterpiece. You will need to supply a box cutter and the adhesive tape of your choice, however.

Yes, our Universal Body Kit Program is your next step into the world of automotive art. We’re proud to offer the opportunity for you to become part of the process and venture into the creative sphere where you can let your imagination set the limits of your car’s future. No more ceilings, no more constraints; just a product of your ingenuity that will never see an equal.