It’s Sunday. You’re in the garage, wrenching away, tackling that project you need to finish as quickly as possible. You go to install your fresh new parts when suddenly, you realize you forgot something. Maybe it’s just a simple part, like a hose or a filter. Maybe it’s something bigger. Or, as is sometimes the case, you accidentally broke something essential during a DIY. We know these setbacks happen because we have had them happen to us. Occasionally, it’s unavoidable. Whatever the case, now you’re bummed because you can’t finish your project and you have to wait until Monday morning to place an order. Then, it’s a waiting game all over again while your car sits unfinished in the garage. Now, that isn’t a problem here at ECS Tuning. Our sales staff is here at 1-800-924-5172 seven days a week with Sunday hours from 11am to 7pm.

We are enthusiasts, which means, we understand the impatience and frustration when things don’t go as planned in the garage due to one issue or another. Often, it’s just something simple. The worst part is waiting in limbo. We all hate waiting for answers, for solutions, for good news that everything will be ok. It’s stressful and one of the biggest causes of anxiety for car people. I myself have been in similar situations more times than I can count. Whether I’m on a road trip and need to overnight a replacement radiator I busted or I smashed my oil pan on a Saturday afternoon and need the car for work on Monday, I clearly can’t wait for stores to open when I need them now. That’s why, here at ECS Tuning, we are here for you seven days a week from now on to ensure your project doesn’t stop because you can’t get parts or answers.

With a dedication to the community comes the responsibility to care for enthusiasts’ needs. That means we can’t expect you to wait for us to get back to work during normal business hours. We know you need information, answers, parts, or assistance right then and there. So, with that in mind, our sales and customer support staff have stepped up to the challenge of providing seven-day support so your project never loses steam. Make sure to take advantage of our sales staff whenever you need it, no matter the day of the week, so you don’t miss a beat. Your project doesn’t take a break, so neither will we. Keep wrenching, fam. We’ve got you covered. Give us a call at 1-800-924-5172