Hey, you, with the all-seasons on your daily-driven car. How’d you fare in the snowpocalypse this past week? Not great? Yeah, we feel you. Why didn’t you get ahead of that weather with some tires designed to handle snow, ice, and wintery slush? You could have been out there having a great time, Quattro or Nottro, with tires you can rely on. We get it, buying tires means you have to swap your regular tires out or buy a second set of wheels. No one likes going to tire shops and waiting for hours, either. That’s why our wheel and tire program exists! Don’t worry about the mount and balance. Pick your wheels, pick your tires, and we’ll deliver them ready to install on your car!

Look, no one wants to spend the extra money on a set of snow tires. We’d much rather bet that we’ll never need them, even when we live in regions that experience snow every year than make that investment. However, it is an investment and it’s never too late. Even now in the middle of the season, you could make a difference in future winter commutes by buckling down and admitting that you need snow tires. Let’s explore a hypothetical as to why you need them together, shall we?

Picture this. It’s Monday morning, you wake up and see snow covering the streets. It could be a few inches, maybe even a foot of snow. Your car isn’t prepared for winter, but that’s ok, you’ll just work from home! While you’re washing out yesterday’s coffee from the pot, your hand slips, the pot breaks, and slices into your palm. Oops, you need stitches, pal. With no snow tires, you don’t have a choice. You have to get in your car and hope for the best.

On the way, you become stranded. You’re the only driver on the roads, snow is still coming down, and your car is stuck at the bottom of a hill halfway off the road from a slide you couldn’t control. Now, you’re stuck. You have a bleeding hand in need of medical attention. You don’t have anything but the clothes on your back. No water, no food, and no rescue coming any time soon.

Yes, it’s hypothetical, but it’s based on real experiences. It wasn’t a coffee pot for me, but a drinking glass that sliced my hand open recently while cleaning it in the sink. Regardless, you’re one emergency away from needing a car you can depend on in the worst weather. Failure to plan for that possibility makes the risks associated with it skyrocket. Now, your problems are much bigger than just the cut on your hand. Your car is stuck, possibly disabled, you’re stranded, and tow trucks won’t be able to get out until the roads have been at least partially cleared. That could be hours, it could be days. What would have made the difference?

A set of snow tires, for a start. Part of being responsible for yourself is anticipating the highly unlikely worst-case scenario and being at least somewhat prepared for it. With even bare-minimum preparations, like a set of snow tires and some emergency water and food, this whole situation could have at least been less of a concern. At worst, the most you would have needed to worry about is your hand, not the drive to the hospital.

This is just one situation that could arise and require that you had made some effort to prepare for it. Remember, it’s never too late to make sure you’re ready for even the worst weather possible. If you don’t have a winter setup, the best time to invest in one is right now. Our wheel and tire program allows you to pair the wheels you want with tires you need that we’ll mount, balance, and ship to your door. All you have to do is throw them on the car. Then, you’ll at least be able to drive in the event that you need to when there’s a blanket of snow covering the roads. Take it from someone who spent this past Monday pulling unprepared drivers out of snowbanks all day. You can either be the driver who’s prepared and can come to the rescue, or the one hoping that someone else who made the right investments happen to find you and has the means to tow you out of the snow.

For wheel and tire package options, please call 330-331-2003 or email sales@ecstuning.com