This summer has been full of amazing events that we have been fortunate to attend. We have never been more active in the car community than we have this year, and it’s been a blast. Now that we have a taste for traveling to events like the European Experience and Waterfest, we can’t be stopped. Last weekend, we were invited to the first annual Clean Culture North East Ohio, where they were kind enough to allow us to bring everything we could. So we did.

Clean Culture hosts some of the best events in the country. The variety of styles present, all roughly centered around the stance movement, makes Clean Culture a somewhat atypical show with its own distinct vibe. The focus on well-built, clean, detail-oriented cars makes even a smaller turnout like the first Ohio showcase still incredibly packed with quality. It was fairly quiet, relaxed, and generally, a sorted meet that drew in respectable, responsible, and tasteful enthusiasts. The lack of burnouts, excessive revving, and overall sensibility of the show was certainly welcome.

Since this show was only an hour from our facility here in Wadsworth, we were able to roll up with everything cool we could bring. We brought our pair of S4s, M3, M4, MK6, MK7, and an assortment of employee cars that were able to command some desirable real estate at the front of the show. Thanks to the kindness of the Clean Culture organizers, we were all able to park together.

Some of the event highlights were the two-step contest, which was handily won by a MK4 Jetta with an eardrum-shattering two-step, and the limbo. Our E30, owned by yours truly, entered the limbo and was tragically defeated by some absurdly low Miatas. Regardless, both events were incredibly fun, partially thanks to the accessibility of the spectacles. In larger shows, finding a spot to watch can be tough. Fortunately, the open layout of the show and the moderate attendance made it feel full, but not crowded.

After the limbo, the awards ceremony started. We sent our Social Media Manager over to the Clean Culture tent to attend the ceremony in case anyone won anything. Being vendor cars, we didn’t expect any recognition for the cars we brought. Surprisingly, though, as we were hanging out under our own canopy, I was called over to receive a Showcase Top 25 award for my E30. After a crushing defeat at the limbo, recognition for my build was certainly a mood-brightening experience.

As the awards concluded, the majority of attendees went their separate ways. Standing in the sunlight baking in a parking lot certainly takes its toll, as we all were quite ready for food and some relaxation. The drive home was uneventful, we said goodbye to each other and all headed back to our homes for some well-deserved rest. 

We look forward to Clean Culture returning next year. After this past weekend, we are absolutely ready to come out en-masse again, hopefully to an even bigger turnout, for what seems to be an excellent location. Not many shows of that kind are in the area, so any chance we have to support something like Clean Culture, we will! See you next year, friends!