Although we are a European parts and performance source, most of the automotive industry isn’t that specific. I myself have roots in the JDM scene and currently, have both a German car and a Japanese car that I love equally for different reasons. Many enthusiasts are equally varied, with broad ownership history spanning several markets, makes, and models. Of course, there are some dedicated to niche industries, but the highest-budget, highest-performing, and most widely respected players in the industry don’t pigeon-hole themselves into just one focus. Akebono, one of the leading OEM Tier-1 suppliers of friction products, shares that far-reaching interest in all things automotive with a dedication to producing braking solutions that offer performance benefits without additional NVH or excessive dust for nearly all the best makes and models.

In the enthusiast community, there are more concerns surrounding nearly every product than your average buyer considers. Such is the nature of car modification. This is why there are so many producers of aftermarket performance parts that all offer specific functions and account for variables the regular commuter would never need to address. With high-performance cars and drivers who demand more of them, NVH and dust become an issue. Akebono knows this, which is why they develop their pads to be as quiet as possible while still performing their function to the expectation of an enthusiast driver without caking wheels in residue dust like other performance pads.

Enthusiasts notice things like brake dust. It may not seem like such a big deal to your everyday driver, but something that always draws my attention away from a car, no matter how interesting, unique, or how cool it may be, are wheels coated in that reddish hue of brake dust. It completely detracts from the form and appearance of the car and can give the impression that the car isn’t cared for. It is almost as unsightly as a rotted out quarter panel or the iconic ‘Camry Dent’ that speaks volumes about the owner. Yes, the car may be a utility for transportation, but it doesn’t have to be just that. Akebono seems to share that sentiment, which is why their pads are designed to be as low-dust as they can be so keeping your precious metals clean isn’t a weekly struggle. Especially if you are like me and have multi-spoke wheels that require a toothbrush and patience to keep shiny and dust-free.

Akebono’s roots in the Japanese car industry date back to the first 400 cars produced by the country and they have had a long and celebrated history producing friction materials for top manufacturers. Drawing on nearly a century of experience, their modern braking solutions offer some of the most comfortable, well-performing, and worry-free products on the market. This extra care for form and function resonates with enthusiasts. Multiple considerations of varying factors like lifespan, dust generation, and NVH are what sets Akebono apart from the competition. There are plenty of choices that offer similar performance figures, but none that match the meticulous care of Akebono pads. They do more than just bring your car to a stop or help you stay on the throttle longer with shorter braking distances on the track: they consider the side-effects of brakes as they clamp on your rotors and wear down over time.

As an OEM supplier of Audi and Volkswagen, you can confidently apply their braking solutions to your European vehicle knowing their products are trusted by top names in the industry. With applications for nearly all major makes and models, Akebono can supply you with the perfect brake pads that keep you worry-free, let you spend more time on the throttle, and much less time keeping your wheels cleaned for the look that conveys your character as an enthusiast who loves his car as more than just an appliance. Give yourself the braking solution that does more than just stop your car. Make your next brake service one that considers all aspects of how brakes behave and the side effects of performance with Akebono brake pads for your European car.