Coilovers are just one of the many ways to lower your vehicle for better handling and precision settings to improve lap times, fitment, responsiveness, and in some cases comfort. Coilovers are not always best for everyone, but are more universal than the other methods of lowering your car for improved handling. If you need to do some research on which is best for you, our deep-dive comparing springs, coilovers, and air suspension is the perfect place to start. If you know coilovers are right for your application, but need some help deciding which are the best fit, that’s what we’re all about today. Let’s explore the best coilover options you can easily justify on any budget so your car can benefit from a drastic upgrade to several aspects of your driving enjoyment.

Coilovers are not all created equally. In simple terms, you get what you pay for. In complex terms, more expensive coilovers aren’t necessarily ‘better,’ especially when you compare what each brand does in terms of adjustment capabilities. For around $700-800, you have quite a few options. Some have more adjustability than others, but it really depends on what you need. If you are brand-loyal, you might have to sacrifice some adjustment in favor of choosing a manufacturer you like, but that could be less than ideal in terms of your needs from a set of coilovers. 

ECS Street System Coilovers (Adjustable & Fixed Damping Options)

Our in-house developed line of coilovers has become quite expansive in the past two years with options to fit nearly every popular make and model as well as the budget restrictions of your build. With both options offering body-adjustable height independent from spring preload, you can set your desired ride height without affecting ride quality or handling performance. For the higher-end options, we offer adjustable 32-way damping for precise driver settings. With ECS Street System coilovers, you have one of the most affordable packages that offers some of the most adjustability in the ways that matter for street driven cars. While they may not be our first choice on the track, we have tested them under track conditions, particularly on the E90 M3 and E92 335i, with no downsides to speak of. If you’re looking for a well-rounded entry-level coilover with a high bang to buck ratio, ECS Street Systems are highly recommended. (Seriously, this isn’t because they’re our brand. If we didn’t like them on our own cars, we wouldn’t push them. There’s hardly a car in our lot on coilovers that isn’t on a set of ECS Street Systems for good reason.)

Up to 3.5″ of ride height adjustment (model differences may vary)

32-way adjustable damping (where applicable)

Optional HD coilover install kits

Optional adjustable end-links paired specifically for height range

Rustproofing coating

Independent height and spring preload adjustment

ST X Performance Coilovers:

ST is a partner company of KW, who is well-known for their precision suspension systems. Suspension Technique is their budget-minded side project that takes KW technology and makes it affordable for a wider range of enthusiasts. While they don’t have quite the same amount of capability as a comparable set of KW coilovers, the construction, quality, and out-of-the-box performance is quite high for the price. ST coilovers offer:

TÜV approval

.6-1.8” of height adjustment

Progressive-rate springs

While they don’t allow for damper adjustment or camber/caster adjustment and use your factory strut mounts, they are designed to be a long-lived solution for better handling, a lower ride height, and don’t sacrifice comfort. As far as entry-level options go, ST X Performance coilovers are one of the most competitive.

Megan EZ Street Coilovers:

A more traditional set of coilovers in that they are a complete system that includes new upper shock mounts and pillow balls rather than rubber isolators, the Megan EZ Street coilovers are an excellent budget option. These are both body adjustable and spring perch adjustable, which means your ride height adjustment and preload adjustment are independent. The EZ Street systems also offer 15-way adjustable damping so you can perfect your ride quality even while riding incredibly low. They offer:

Upper strut mounts with pillow balls

15-way adjustable damping

Body and spring-perch height adjustability

Wide range of height adjustability

GODSPEED Project Mono-SS Coilovers:

The GODSPEED Project Mono-SS mono-tube adjustable coilovers are similar to the Megan EZ Street coilovers in that they offer adjustable damping, body-adjustable and spring perch adjustability, and polyurethane bushings for reduced suspension deflection. These are designed for everything from street driving to some moderate track use due to the high-viscosity index race oil in the shock tubes. For under 700 bucks, you can effectively lower your car on suspension designed to handle it without sacrificing ride quality and gaining a significant amount of adjustability, which makes this one of the best ‘bang for your buck’ coilover options on the market. They offer:

16-way damping adjustment

Polyurethane mount bushings

Spring perch and body adjustability

Monotube shock design

JOM BlueLine Coilovers:

JOM BlueLine coilovers are one of the better options on the lower end of the budget that gives you what you need to lower your car safely and comfortably. They don’t offer as much adjustability since they are fixed damping and not independently preload and height-adjustable, but for a fixed solution at the price point, they’re hard to beat. If you are between replacing your suspension with stock parts or going with a complete system that will offer better handling, equal ride quality, and better looks thanks to up to 2.36” of a drop in your ride height, these are your pick. They offer:

Height adjustability

Fixed damping

Half the price of similar coilovers at the same quality

FK Streetline Coilovers:

For some of the most height adjustability range at one of the lowest price points, FK coilovers are an excellent option. The range listed states they can lower a vehicle up to 2.75” but FK says they can typically go lower. If you want to slam your car on struts that are designed for that ride height, as well as including extended sway bar end links to eliminate sway bar binding, then FK is your best choice. Again, for the price, they’re excellent, but they don’t offer much more than height adjustability. They offer:

Up to almost 3” of ride height drop

Includes extended sway bar end links

Extremely affordable

Solo-Werks S1 Coilovers:

For slightly more money than the previous two options, Solo-Werks coilovers favor quality over price while still offering the ride height and ride quality you need for a lowered vehicle. They’re designed for 1-2.25” of lowering but also incredibly durable. For something you drive year-round, especially in salt, these are likely your best bet. While they don’t offer damping adjustment or independent preload adjustment, they’re zinc coated and well-constructed for high durability. These offer:

High quality construction for the price

Relative affordability

Up to 2.25” of height drop

Linear spring rate

Progressive bump stops


Based on your needs, there are likely at least one or more sets that fit your needs and budget. In my experience, it is better to buy what you need the first time rather than making your decision based on price. However, with some of these options, you can get the same capabilities as high-dollar coilovers without spending as much as even a set of dampers and springs. The most important thing is to decide exactly what adjustment abilities you need and buy the set that fits that description. If you know whatever you buy is going to stay the same height and same damper settings, you can go for a fixed set and save the money since you won’t be using them. However, if you know you will change your height but don’t want to change your preload or might need to change the damper force for different driving conditions, then you should look at a set of coilovers that offer those abilities before you consider buying based on price. Regardless, we’re here to help. If you have more questions, our sales staff are knowledgable and can help you achieve your goals without making extreme financial sacrifices.