You may have read our recent article about what you need to inspect or possibly do to safely bring your car out of storage as we prepare for normal activities to ramp up again, which is good. If you followed that checklist through, you probably saw where we talked about washing your car, detailing it, and disinfecting anything you may have touched during the process. The washing and detailing part of your car’s revival from hibernation is important, but we didn’t go into as many specifics there as we would have liked. Primarily because it is much easier to show rather than tell when it comes to washing a car properly. We have linked some channels, like Ammo NYC, in the past, but they are at the professional level. What if you’re just a regular guy with regular guy equipment and supplies? That’s where our good friend Zach Jobe, formerly of ECS, currently of Donut Media, comes in to help.

Zach has been hard at work for the last few months on a little show you may have seen called ‘Money Pit.’ There, he has walked viewers through some of the basics of project car ownership and step-by-step DIYs that any new or seasoned enthusiast would likely need to know. His latest video is a highly detailed visual demonstration of what you should do to achieve a fairly professional-level deep cleaning of your car with simple materials you likely have at home or can buy relatively cheap. Here’s the full video:

What I particularly like about Zach’s casual yet thorough explanation is that this is a process that takes time. Washing your car isn’t something that happens in a few minutes or even just an hour. Even when I do a ‘maintenance’ wash, where I bust out the vacuum, multiple interior cleaners, wheel cleaners, engine bay cleaners, and more, it still takes me well over two hours just to get through one of my cars. Zach is doing this on a Miata, something smaller than most people have at home, and he stresses that even that vehicle takes him all day.

There is no ‘whitewashing’ of this job. It is a time-consuming process that yields a result directly correlated to how thorough and patient you are through the job. If you take your time, follow his instructions, and use quality products, you can achieve the same results as Zach and make something shine like new. Just look at his Miata: before, it looks rough. After, despite imperfections that even a wash can’t remove, it looks like a completely different car. That’s because Zach took his time and patiently, painstakingly, and lovingly following a correct procedure that has proven success.

Now, it’s your turn. With some simple products, you should be set up to do a bang-up job on your own cars as you prepare them for use again. Many states are considering soft reopening options as early as May 1st, so if you want to be ready, now is the time to start. That said, we strongly suggest that everyone follow the CDC guidelines above anyone else, considering they are the experts when it comes to matters of infectious diseases. Don’t be a goober, listen to science. But don’t be caught with your pants down when everyone else is enjoying their fun cars and you’re stuck at home doing maintenance and cleaning that you could have already done.

Lastly, go check out Donut Media’s HUGE content library on YouTube. Shows like Bumper 2 Bumper, Up To Speed, Money Pit, D-List, Wheelhouse, Hi-Lo, and more are waiting for you to enjoy. Don’t forget their podcast, Past Gas, either. Donut Media uploads a new video every day, so you don’t have any gaps in fun, enthusiast-driven, educational content. Plus, we love Zach Jobe and think you will too.

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