The E90 335i is a car that surprised everyone, especially BMW, with its performance potential. Shortly after it hit the market, tuners were jumping at the non-M car. The reasons they skipped the M3 and went for the 335i were the astounding capabilities the N54 possessed that allowed it to reach high horsepower figures with basic bolt-ons. However, even with power upgrades available almost immediately, the E90 335i was left cosmetically lacking for quite some time. Now, we are only beginning to see what these cars can become inside and out as the aftermarket companies have caught up with the visual side of things. These are all the best visual improvements you can make to your E90 335i.

M-Sport Front Bumper Conversion

If you didn’t opt for an M-Sport package E92 or purchased your car second-hand that didn’t receive that appearance package, one of the best upgrades you can make is to convert your front end to the M-Sport version. It’s a more aggressive bumper cover from that generation and allows you to run some rather attractive bolt-on visual improvements that otherwise wouldn’t fit. You do have to be aware of whether you have a Pre-LCI or LCI (facelift) version, as there are two specific kits to convert your front end for each variant.

Front Lip

With that M-Sport front bumper upgrade, the 3DDesign Front Lip Spoiler is a wonderful little addition that offers your E29 a fuller, more ground-hugging, and sporty appearance. While carbon fiber has become all the rage lately, paint-matched body accents are quickly coming back in style, replacing the bare carbon fiber look we’ve come to see regularly. If you want a clean, sleek, and bulkier look for your E92’s front end, this front lip is the way to go.

Alternate Reality Front Bumper/Lip

Alternatively, if you must have that carbon fiber, our in-house front bumper and carbon fiber splitter has an M3-inspired design and looks quite ready for a track day or a show. For a lower cost combined than even one of the upgrades mentioned above, this option is wallet-friendly without looking like it. The caveat is, this kit only fits Pre-LCI models, so you LCI bois will have to stick with the M-Sport conversion and 3DDesign front lip spoiler.

Side Skirts

Once again, you have two great options. For an OEM+ look, especially to match your painted M-Sport front bumper and lip, the M-Sport Side Skirt Kit will give you the subtle, yet tasteful, appearance and aero upgrade that came on M-Sport equipped E92s. If you want to continue your carbon fiber theme, our in-house designed Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Splitters with M3-style side skirts, which is a more expensive combination but gives your E92 an aggressive look to tie into your overall visual theme if that’s your route.

Rear Bumper

Continuing with the OEM+ sporty look, our M-Sport Style Rear Bumper Assembly, designed to retain the dual-exhaust tips, is the svelte and almost unnoticeable visual upgrade your E92 335i needs. It’s just like the OEM version, but much less expensive, and has a clean look that won’t make your E92 look too extreme. It’s just the right amount of change mixed with OEM styling.

Rear Spoiler

To complete the MTech/M-Sport inspired appearance change, our in-house designed MTech Style Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler is the perfect bow to tie everything together. It’s not in your face, but certainly hard to miss, as it offers that carbon fiber accent to stand out while flowing seamlessly with the rest of your upgrades. This spoiler is designed to look and fit exactly like the OEM version, except it’s a gorgeous 2X2 carbon weave for a sportier, more modified, feeling.

Wrapping Up

All these OEM+ inspired visual upgrades will have your E92 335i looking proper without coming across as overly bold. They are the ‘grown-up’ improvements that tell those who see your car you have a taste for modifications but know what you’re doing to tie everything together perfectly with a continuous theme. Nothing will look out of place, and your BMW won’t look like some kid designed the exterior in Need For Speed. It’s just the right amount of change and retention of the factory design language that will set your E92 apart from the rest but won’t have anyone gawking in disgust at some ratchet body kit straight out of the mid-2000s.

That said, if you do want to go all-out, StreetFigtherLA complete body kits are an all-in-one package that can transform your E92 into a more weaponized version of itself without coming across as an afterthought. However, for the cleanest, OEM+ look, our list of tasteful visual upgrades for your E92 335i is a perfect series of mature improvements to your BMW. Whatever you’re looking for, our catalog of BMW 335i parts and upgrades is sure to have it.