Gloss black hatch spoiler extension MK6/MK7.5

Brand new for you MK6/7.5 Golf R or GTI, our hatch spoiler extensions now come in the attractive, yet affordable, gloss black plastic material. You can have the exceptional look of a more aggressive rear spoiler without breaking the bank. This is also the perfect solution for anyone who wants to paint match the extension and not have to go through the mental dilemma of looking uniform but hiding the carbon fiber, or showing it off and having a ‘busier’ and ‘less finished’ look. It isn’t going to make you any faster, but you can’t put a price on looking good. Actually, we did put a price on it, and it isn’t that much. 

Rear subframe locking collar kits 4motion

For you 4Motion VW owners, the last thing you want to worry about is your rear subframe shifting. Unfortunately, due to the larger-diameter subframe mount bolt holes, the rear subframe can actually shimmy around. This is obviously less than ideal, as it affects the rear alignment of your VW, often by several millimeters, which can severely and rapidly wear your rear tires. Naturally, we have a permanent solution. Our new Rear Subframe Locking Collar Kits fill the void, remove the deflection those mounts are prone to, and keeps everything tight, locked-in, and square to prevent any shifting from happening in the future. This is the ideal permanent fix for a VW oversight in their original design.

mk7 Jetta street shield tunnel brace

Just in time for winter weather, our MK7 Jetta Street Shield Tunnel Brace protects the drivetrain and exhaust components left unprotected and exposed to the elements. This kit is especially critical for anyone slammed or even just slightly lowered. This brace also adds an element of rigidity to your MK7 Jetta and will improve your drivability as well as offer peace of mind during your daily commutes.

mk5/6/7 matte/gloss battery cover kits

Ok, this isn’t going to add power or even make you look back at your car after you park it, but our new Matte Black Battery Cover Kits for your MK5, MK6, or MK7 are one of those upgrades that do the opposite. Sometimes, though, that’s what you want – to take your attention away from something, forget it’s there, and accent the important bits through omission of the boring ones. This cover hides the boring, distasteful, and unattractive battery and fuse box for a more streamlined look under your hood. The matte black plastic mimics the original covers for a seamless addition.

mk6/7 gti muffler delete kit

With the GTI, you have two options: either hack off your existing muffler and look/sound like a clown, or upgrade to an expensive cat-back system. Now, you have a different choice thanks to our expert VW design engineers. Our MK6 or MK7 Muffler Delete Kits are an inexpensive solution to bringing more volume to your GTI’s exhaust sound, reducing weight, and retaining the OEM-style look, all from an affordable package. If you just want better sound, factory looks, and a low-cost commitment, this is the perfect upgrade for your GTI. 

Mk7.5 carbon fiber front lip spoiler

Upgrade the front of your MK7.5 GTI or Golf R with an attractive and aggressive visual improvement. Our new Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler offers a continuation of the factory design language with a sportier theme and ground-hugging appearance. With the carbon fiber weave, it shows off your discerning taste and ties well with the other carbon upgrades we have available to create a running theme.  Of course, all of this and more can be found in our catalog of Volkswagen parts that we continue to grow with more in-house developed upgrades and new vendor partners every day!