There it is, your finished street car project: a real race-inspired build for the road. But it’s missing something. You want to retain the original interior for comfort and drivability, but something about the interior just doesn’t match all the work you’ve put into making your car look the part and back up that appearance with noticeable performance. What do you do to make your interior feel more consistent with the build without sacrificing safety on the street or drivability? You look to the SCHROTH Racing Quick-Fit harnesses.

Safety is paramount. With most racing harness setups, you are limited to options that require the use of a harness bar or a full cage. While these braces add rigidity to your car and safety on the track, they can be detrimental to your safety on the street since they are hard surfaces on which you can bang your noggin when you aren’t wearing a helmet. If you’re like me, you generally don’t want to wear a helmet on your way to work in your car. At least, normal people don’t want that. This is where the Quick-Fit harnesses come into play.

With a design that is specific to your individual car and a unique disconnect feature between the front and rear parts of the harness to allow full access to all passenger seats when not in use, the SCHROTH Quick-Fit harnesses are designed to give you the tight fit you need for aggressive driving and the usability you need under normal conditions. Since their harnesses meet TÜV, ECE-R 16.04, and US-DOT FMVSS 209 safety requirements, these belts are perfectly street legal and offer all the benefits of normal three-point belts with the added tightness needed to keep you planted firmly in your seat to keep your focus on the corners you want to attack.

Not only are they safe, legal, and convenient, but they look the part. We get it, everyone wants to have a real race car for the street. That, however, isn’t practical. These belts perform their job well without making any sacrifices and give your otherwise factory interior the extra bit of flair needed to match the rest of your race-inspired build. By creating a blend between utility and performance, you don’t need to garage your car when you aren’t on the track. These belts help tie everything together, along with tying you to the seat and provide all the safety and convenience you need in a modified daily driver built around a theme of motorsport inspiration. You can find all vehicles supported by SCHROTH Racing and pick your favorite color option right here at ECS Tuning and give your daily driver or weekend warrior that safety upgrade that looks the part and matches your build’s intentions.