We at ECS have been trying to do more with the community. While we may have had a different atmosphere in the past, we are currently more available to enthusiasts than ever before. Our presence at shows and web series like the Winter Beater Challenge and the Summer Drift Series have given us an opportunity to really engage with our customers and the enthusiast community we serve. This past weekend was yet another opportunity to open our doors to the public, as we hosted the NEO Cars and Coffee event for the second time this year to a wonderful turnout.

Cars and Coffee is always a wonderful event, no matter where it takes place. The variety of cars and a wide range of people in attendance is something unique to the relaxed atmosphere of a CNC event. With regular ‘shows,’ there is usually a focus on specific styles or types of cars. European only, stance, JDM, and other special events are a much different vibe. With Cars and Coffee, its a mix of everyone all there for the same reason: to enjoy everything from unique dailies to hypercars in a neat venue.

Speaking of venues, the ECS Tuning headquarters makes for a perfect site. Our shop is filled to the brim with our fleet and some of our employees’ builds but isn’t open to the public very often. With Cars and Coffee hosted here, we have an opportunity to show off everything we’ve been doing.

Not only that, but the shop offers a key element regularly missing from summer car shows: an indoor, climate controlled, escape from the blaring Sun. While it is plenty of fun walking around the lot looking at all the precious metals, it does eventually become tiring with the heat. Thankfully, our A/C was cranked on full blast and gave attendees a chance to look at some of our projects and the shop cars parked around our garage.

For those who were outside, a slew of modified, restored, or otherwise unique cars filled the parking lot. It is that spread of owners and cars, all unified by their singular love of cars, that makes Cars and Coffee so much fun. The attitude held by everyone in attendance was one of companionship and camaraderie, as egos tend to be left behind at events like CNC. With no pressure to make a certain statement or vie for trophies, everyone has the chance to just enjoy the company of amazing cars and owners.

With the low-pressure environment also comes the interactions between the community and everyone at ECS. Some see ECS as a faceless corporation, bent on profiting from the community. However, we are a company of enthusiasts and members of the Euro car community ourselves. Everyone from distribution associates, to marketing, R&D, and even the executive team (including the CEO, Imran Jooma,) were here to enjoy the showcase of local car enthusiasts. 

Beyond the wonderful attendees, we also were quite pleased to host some of our favorite semi-local vendors. LIQUI MOLY, DKM, P3 Gauges, German Auto Pros, and our own sales staff all were represented with specific booths where anyone could ask questions and learn about their great products. The show also gave us an opportunity to set up a check-out counter with on-site orders available, which is the closest we’ve ever been to a traditional brick-and-mortar style sales model. Plenty of tools, wheels, and parts were on-hand for those who took advantage of the opportunity, so quite a few folks went home with some shiny new hardware to enjoy that afternoon!

Overall, Cars and Coffee is one of our favorite events. Not just that we have the chance to show off to everyone, but that we have a wonderful place to gather and enjoy our common interest with the local community. We live for this: for the love of cars, for individualism, and for the bonds we make over our hobby.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the July NEO Cars and coffee. We are happy to announce that ECS will continue to host NEO Cars and Coffee events and be present at upcoming shows. Namely, you can find us at Waterfest this weekend and the BMWCCA Oktoberfest celebration in the fall. Come out, enjoy some cars, and look for your friends at ECS!