If you’ve been paying attention this week, you have seen some stunning photography from some incredible enthusiasts kind enough to share their work with us from the Riverside Chattanooga 4 meet last weekend. While I was there, I can do no justice behind a lens. Photographers like Ben Battles are much better suited to providing you those juicy shots that make you stop and lose your words for a minute. In this final bit of coverage, let’s all just sit back and enjoy Riverside through the eyes of an artist.

These shots make me feel a certain kind of way, and I was there in person for these cars. A mark of a stellar photographer, in my book, is one who can present reality in a way that highlights not just the subject but also the atmosphere in a way to evoke emotional responses. Ben does just that with his photo coverage of Riverside Chattanooga. Be sure to check out his company Mad Hatter Photography @madhatters423 for even more drool-worthy shots down the road!