With car modifications, there isn’t some ‘one size fits all’ or cookie-cutter solution. Its personal choice and enthusiasts take their choices personally. When you enter the coils vs. bags vs. springs conversation, you’re joining a brawl with other enthusiasts where the only outcome is a guaranteed black eye, hurt feelings, and a mark on your calendar for the next fight club. The reason owners are so convicted is because these modifications are, in fact, personal; they want to feel as though their position is right. That’s just how people are. They want to feel superior and look down (or up) on everyone else in a sullen sense of satisfaction as they tout their perfect choice of mods. However, there isn’t a ‘best’ choice when it comes to modifying your car, especially with lowering. If you want adjustable settings, a more attractive ride height, and better handling, then chances are, coilovers are honestly the best option to pursue. When it comes to making that choice, looking for affordable options from reputable companies with all the capabilities you need is the best move. That’s where ECS Street Coilover Systems come into play.

While we don’t have them for every European car, we do have a wide number of models supported by the ECS Street Coilover kits. With ride height adjustability, damper adjustability coming soon, and valving designed to live the low life, the ECS coilovers give you all the benefits found in higher dollar options at an affordable price.

But enough about why they’re great, let’s focus on the real issue: why coilovers? As we mentioned, there is no right answer for everyone. If you have certain goals, then there is a perfect solution specifically for you. With coilovers, the benefits are easy installation, ‘fire and forget’ ride height settings, and relative affordability when compared to bags or some cup kits. So let’s look at the checklist:

You might need coilovers if you don’t want to replace your upper strut/shock mounts, struts, shocks, and buy a set of spring compressors to lower your car.

You might need coilovers if you don’t care about flippin’ switches or changing your ride height every five minutes just to show off your air suspension.

You might need coilovers if you want a bump in performance and drop in ride height with the shortest installation time out of your three options.

You might need coilovers if you’ve looked at the prices to replace your worn out suspension with stock components that don’t help your performance or give you that epic fitment you want.

You might need coilovers if you can stick your head between your tire and your fender.

Seriously, though, the real benefits with coilovers are as follows. You don’t have to spend your day compressing your old springs, installing new ones, and nearly killing yourself when the spring compressors slide and your spring does a slinky. Not to mention that you’ll probably have to replace those struts and shocks with ones that are set up to daily at a lower height with different spring rates. That time commitment is a serious factor. Similarly, unless you are just trying to ball out, honestly need to raise and lower your ride height every five minutes, and only want to tell people how much you paid for your air suspension, there is not a reason I can think of that would justify spending the additional time and money to achieve something that can be done much easier. So, with coilovers, you have a perfect middle of the road option that gives you the out-of-the-box upgrade and takes care of a maintenance concern at the same time. With ECS Coilovers, you can make that upgrade, tackle that maintenance, and improve your car’s looks with an affordable set of coilovers. They save you time, save you money, improve your car, and are a perfect choice if those are your goals. But again, coilovers aren’t for everyone. For more information on that topic, check out our article on the bags vs. coils vs. springs argument. When you’re done, go grab a set of ECS Street Coilover Systems.