To maintain the theme of modifying a second-hand MK6 GTI, we are outlining some fun modifications to improve your overall enjoyment while driving the car. Though they may not add performance benefits or significant changes to the aesthetics of your MK6 GTI, simple ‘livability’ modifications are what personalizing and customizing a car is really about. Tailoring a car to your specific interests and adding conveniences for yourself are the bread and butter of car modification. We have compiled a list of some great places to start that will complete the previous two lists and give you a well-rounded, enjoyable, personalized VW MK6 GTI!

Sequential LED Mirrors

If you have read our previous posts regarding the MK6 GTI, then you are familiar with our suggestions regarding interior lighting. You can find that post, and information on Ziza Lighting, right here. Interior lighting is definitely an important modification for general enjoyment but does not add much in the way of a ‘personal’ look to your car. For the exterior, we absolutely love the Sequential LED Mirror Housing mod brought to us by HELIX.

The sequential indicator with a smoked housing provides an aesthetic change to the mirror housing itself and gives your blinker a more pronounced and updated sweeping light rather than that boring old blinking bulb. Newer vehicles have made the sequential LED look popular, and this simple addition to your MK6 GTI definitely gives it a similar feel without being too flashy.

Rear Lip Spoiler Extension

We know what you’re already thinking: “front wheel drive doesn’t need a spoiler!” Well, people don’t NEED tattoos. But they look great (generally), provide a touch of visible personality, and are just plain fun. The lip spoiler extension adds some carbon fiber to your hatch and makes the profile of your MK6 GTI more aggressive. This type of modification by itself might look silly, but when paired with some of the tasteful products in these posts, your MK6 GTI for power the look comes together quite cohesively.

Hatch Pop Kit

Since we are talking about the rear of your MK6 GTI, we have a kit that adds convenience and an updated feature found in many newer vehicles with rear hatches. Our very own Hatch Pop Kit for the MK6 GTI raises the hatch with the touch of a button and allows you to more easily access the cargo area.

If your hands are full, you don’t want to spend any more time in the rain than absolutely necessary, or if you just want to pretend to be a Jedi, the Hatch Pop Kit provides the ability to easily raise the hatch from your key fob. Although this may not be something people would scream excitedly over at a car show,  this kind of convenience adds appreciation and enjoyment to owning the vehicle. Our hatch pop kit is easily installed without making extensive modifications or spending excessive amounts of time installing the parts.

Flush Kits

If your MK6 GTI is still on factory wheels, lowering the vehicle as we suggested in a previous post will give the car a very sunken stance most would agree is worse than if it was sitting at stock ride height. While purchasing wheels with correct offset and fitment is an eventual goal for most enthusiasts, finances often say otherwise. An easy and inexpensive way to achieve a wider track and ‘flush’ look to your car is with our properly measured Wheel Flush Kits for your MK6 GTI.

These kits are precisely designed for exact fitment on your MK6 GTI for a meaner stance on the stock wheels. This kit brings the offset out farther and mates the outer face of the wheels with the contour of the fender arches. While you may need some fender rolling for an extremely lowered vehicle with aggressive spacers installed, these flush kits are designed to bolt right up and give your wheels that perfect fitment.

Short Shift Kits/Shift Knobs

Finally, we highly suggest one of our adjustable Short Shift Kits and a unique shift knob from one of our reputable vendors. You engage the shifter more often than almost anything in your car, and much of the driving feel is derived from the characteristics of the shift throw. Most shift throws from the factory are long and ambiguous with a sloppy or soft feel in the bushings. With our kit, you add an engaging and tactile feel to improve your driving experience.

The shorter, stiffer, more precise throws are more satisfying and give you a sporty feel in the cockpit. A weighted shift knob further adds to that experience and provides a tangible difference in feel since your interface with the car is directly influenced. Something with a pleasing grip, hefty weight, and interesting style always improves the way you fell shifting through the gears.


With the short list above, our previous power modification post, and our post detailing the first service maintenance for your second-hand MK6 GTI, we feel confident you can make a great purchase decision. These recommendations will allow you to take full advantage of the driving pleasure these hot hatchbacks can provide with some simple improvements and modifications. Hopefully, along the way, you will discover your own ‘perfect’ list of changes to build your favorite MK6 GTI. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, we would love to hear them! Let us know how you built your GTI or how many of our suggestions were right for your car!

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