Once again, the time of year where we are required to make a major decision is upon us: should we responsibly save our tax return, or does it become a race car stimulus package? Here at ECS, we expect you to make the proper decision. Naturally, we compiled a list of products on which to spend your government refund for your VW!


Of course, the easiest way to spend your tax return is on a shiny new set of shoes. New wheels for your car dramatically change the look and give you a new appreciation for your car every time you see it. Whether you just want your VW to look fresh or you need lightweight options to eliminate unsprung weight, there are several trusted manufacturers we support to provide whatever you need. Check out some of these fine companies to give your VW a makeover:

BBS Wheels



Flush Kits

If stock wheels are your game, but you are tired of the sunken fitment, ECS has you covered, too. Our Wheel Flush Kits provide everything you need to give your VW a wider and more aggressive stance. The discerning VW driver will pair a Wheel Flush Kit with lowering springs to achieve a hunkered look and flush fitment. While this may require some fender rolling, it is an excellent way to drastically improve the style of your VW without running through the entire tax refund in one go! We really do have your best interest at heart.

ECS Wheel Flush Kits

Eibach Springs

H&R Springs

Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake System

Maybe all the visuals on your VW are taken care of already and performance is your game? The ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake Systems are a perfect choice for any VW. These attractive carbon fiber intakes both look the part and put down measurable power. If you are making your first improvements to engine performance or need an intake system that actually produces power, this is the best choice on the market. Our engineers spent excessive amounts of time designing and developing these induction systems and our Dyno sheets reflect those efforts. Check out our fitment and the specific power gains for your car below.

ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake Systems


For the extremely practical VW drivers, the tax refund may be more like free maintenance money. ECS carries the best in performance and maintenance parts alike for your VW, and we have a few recommendations on how you can make sure your car is ready to hit the back roads with confidence this summer.

Hawk Performance brake pads are designed for aggressive braking forces and provide exceptional pedal feel and stopping power. Their selection of street and track-worthy compounds give you a wide range to choose from based on your driving needs to give you replacement pads with fantastic performance. Pair these pads with a set of ECS Performance Rotors and take care of your service with funding from Uncle Sam.

Hawk Performance

ECS Slotted Rotors

Finally, the ever important oil service rounds out our race car stimulus package. We highly suggest picking up a Schwaben Fluid Extractor to make fluid changes a breeze and changing your engine oil with LIQUI-MOLY oils and additives. LIQUI-MOLY has been named the best German oil for seven consecutive years for a reason: their unparalleled molecular friction control is the pinnacle of lubrication technology. Their additives are chemically and molecularly structured to safely de-gunk your engine during an oil cycle as well as restore overall performance to peak power. Make sure to include LIQUI-MOLY additives in your oil change, and give Molygen oil a try to spot those tough leaks thanks to the UV-reactive properties of this unique oil.

Schwaben Fluid Extractor

LIQUI-MOLY oils and additives

Whether you are expecting a quaint return or something grandiose, ECS is the right place to turn for exceptional products and vendors who can help you make that refund a go-fast package. Make sure your VW looks and drives the way it should this spring by taking the government’s returns and give your car the attention it deserves.