Working on our own cars is a source of enjoyment and strengthens our bond through the experiences we share. For most at-home enthusiasts, access to affordable equipment and shop capabilities limits some of the extensive jobs or just makes otherwise simple jobs increasingly complex. One major hassle when working at home is lifting the car safely and quickly. Sometimes it seems just raising the car in the air and lowering it back down doubles the time spent in the garage! QuickJack offers portable lifting solutions that take the hassle away from safely lifting a vehicle at home in your garage or at the racetrack.


QuickJack is an all-in-one lifting system that offers portability and easy setup in a three-part kit. The left and right lifts sit underneath the frame of the vehicle and raise it from the factory specified jack points with rubber pads to ensure the car is raised properly. The hydraulic lines, which feature quick release fittings, easily connect to the lightweight and portable lift motor and hydraulic fluid reservoir. The whole system works just like a permanently mounted four post lift, but allows access to the wheels and suspension, unlike the drive on style.

Simply slide the QuickJack lifts into position, connect the fittings, and begin raising the vehicle with a touch of a button. The full height of these lifts raises the vehicle up to 21” off the floor, depending on the blocks used and QuickJack model chosen.

QuickJack gives enthusiasts an effective way to save time lifting their vehicle while still maintaining a concern for safety. These lifts are ideal for anyone at home or on the track, and can even be used with a four-post drive on lifts to increase the height or allow for suspension, brakes, and wheel services. Pick up a QuickJack set of lifts for the most convenient working experience for any vehicle!

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