Stock wheels from BMW are not what enthusiasts would call unattractive. In many cases, the OEM wheel options, especially on chassis for which they were never options, are preferable. But, when drivers need lightweight options for competitive or spirited use, they turn to APEX Wheels for durable, lightweight, and attractive options. APEX wheels are designed particularly with BMW fitment in mind to be the perfect lightweight track wheels with an eye for fashion.

The classic ARC-8 is a staple in BMW communities and is favored by Spec E30, E36, and E46 drivers. These lightweight wheels are available in perfect fitments and feature the multi-spoke design popularized by vintage European mesh-style wheels. These are an excellent choice for any competitive BMW driver who prefers simplistic design, lightweight functionality, and affordable pricing.

For the CSL-style without the CSL price, the APEX EC-7 wheel offers a traditional design for BMW enthusiasts in a lightweight package weighing in at a dainty 10lbs per wheel. The reduction of unsprung weight allows for better cornering, which is a major benefit APEX wheels provide for competitive BMW enthusiasts. These are perfect for your E46 or E9X to achieve an OEM-plus look.

A more modern aftermarket design featuring 10 thin spokes is seen in the SM-10 wheels, which make them an attractive choice for BMW drivers looking to the future rather than the past. These incredibly lightweight wheels can update the look of your E46 or match the futuristic styling of your F30. The flow-forming/semi-forging process used in manufacturing APEX wheels make these thin wheels much sturdier than other aftermarket alternatives, while still keeping unsprung weight to a minimum.

These styles from APEX, along with their other beautiful wheels, bring your BMW a rejuvenated look and reduced unsprung weight at each corner. Making your daily driver, weekend warrior, or track dedicated BMW stand out with style and functionality is made simple by APEX Wheels’ classic and new-age designs. Their fitment range, flow-formed durability, and catalog of designs make APEX the first choice for BMW enthusiasts everywhere.

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