The ECS Tuning Performance Air Scoop Kit for your BMW E9X offers the following features and benefits: • Direct bolt-on installation, no additional hardware is required
• Significantly better air flow into the engine compartment
• More air flow = more performance
• High quality and durable finish, available in Red or Black
• Laser etched ECS Tuning logo
• Kits are available with and without a performance air filter from Pipercross

Installing the ECS Tuning Performance Air Scoop Kit on your BMW E9X is a simple and rewarding project that anyone should be able to complete in an hour or less. Before you begin, read and familiarize yourself with these instructions and make sure you have all the required tools on hand. Thank you for purchasing our ECS Tuning Performance Air Scoop Kit, we appreciate your business!

Kit Contents:

Performance Air Scoops
Available in Black: ES#2794998 – OR – Red: ES#2794999

Ultimate Performance Air Scoop Kit – Includes a Pipercross Performance Air Filter

Available in Black: ES#2855464 – OR – Red: ES#2855465

Required Tools:

Below is a list of the tools we used to install our ECS Tuning Performance Air Scoops. Additional tools may be required for any issues that arise during installation such as rust, corrosion, or broken and stripped fasteners. Tools with a part number listed are available on our website – click on their ES# link to view them.

• Torx Drivers: T25 ES#11417
• Flat Blade Screwdriver ES#2225921
• Trim/Moulding Tool Kit ES#517779

Installation Notes:

• RH refers to the passenger side of the vehicle.
• LH refers to the driver side of the vehicle.
• Always use the proper torque specifications.
• If applicable to this installation, torque specifications will be listed throughout the document and at the end as well. • Please read all of these instructions and familiarize yourself with the complete process BEFORE you begin.

General Preparation and Safety Information:

ECS Tuning cares about your health and safety. Please read the following safety information. This information pertains to automotive service in general, and while it may not pertain to every job you do, please remember and share these important safety tips.

• Park your car in a safe, well lit, level area.
• Shut the engine off and remove the key from the ignition switch.
• Make sure any remote start devices are properly disabled.
• ALWAYS wear safety glasses.
• Make sure the parking brake is applied until the vehicle is safely lifted and supported.
• If using an automotive lift, be sure and utilize the factory specified lift points. Lifting a vehicle in an incorrect location can cause damage to the suspension/running gear.
• When lifting a vehicle using a jack, always utilize the factory specified lift points. Lifting a vehicle in an incorrect location can cause damage to the suspension/running gear. ALWAYS support the vehicle with jack stands.
• Always read and follow all safety information and warnings for the equipment you are using.

Installing the Performance Air Scoops:

Step 1:

Open the hood and locate the air intake duct on the front of the vehicle.

Step 2:

T25 Torx Driver

Loosen and remove the two screws securing the air intake duct to the core support.

Step 3:

Flat Blade Screwdriver or Trim Tool

Gently pry up on the cores of both push rivets which secure the air intake duct to the radiator shroud, and remove them from the push rivet bodies.

Step 4:

Trim Tool

Gently pry up on both of the push rivet bodies to remove them from the radiator shroud.

Step 5:

With the hardware and push rivets removed from the air intake duct, rotate the duct forward as shown in the photo and remove it from the vehicle.

Step 6:

Slide one of the new ECS Performance Air Scoops into place in the radiator shroud, please note there is a left and a right side, they are NOT interchangeable.

Step 7:

Repeat step 6 to install the other air scoop into the radiator shroud.

Step 8:

Reinstall the air intake duct in place, making sure the lip on the front of the duct is inserted into place in the shroud (arrows).

Step 9:

T25 Torx Driver

Reinstall the screws and push rivets into the air intake duct.

Your BMW E9X ECS Performance Air Scoop installation is complete!

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Proper service and repair procedures are vital to the safe, reliable operation of all motor vehicles
as well as the personal safety of those performing the repairs. Standard safety procedures and precautions (including use of safety goggles and proper tools and equipment) should be followed at all times to eliminate the possibility of personal injury or improper service which could damage the vehicle or compromise its safety.
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