Upgrades that give your car both a visual improvement and a boost in performance are the best-case option when it comes to modifications. With the improvement in carbon-fiber technology and rapid development for aftermarket upgrades, the future has yielded some incredibly creative approaches to these dual-purpose parts. Namely, our newest line of carbon fiber upgrades for your MK7 GTI, like our brand-new Red Carbon Kevlar Luft-Technik Intake System.

Our popular Carbon Fiber Luft-Technik intake, but with a twist of color, is now available for your MK7 GTI. It offers the same great improvements to performance and an added underhood visual upgrade thanks to our red Carbon-Kevlar construction. It isn’t just for looks, of course. It adds over 12WHP when compared to the stock system and produced consistent gains across the rev range.

Our induction systems are designed to not only provide a smooth channel for induction air to flow, but also to reduce the intake air temperatures. Denser air has more oxygen, more oxygen means more fuel can be added, and the result is more power is produced. This is just simple math.

What isn’t so simple is our new carbon-kevlar construction. The system can be selected with both a red carbon-kevlar intake enclosure lid and inlet tube, or just the enclosure lid with a red silicone inlet tube, depending on your budget restrictions. With the full carbon system, the lightweight and durable construction offers the same quality you would expect from an upgraded system with a unique visual twist not seen outside of high-dollar supercars. 

Yes, there are systems that offer visual upgrades but not much in the way of performance, and the flip side where they provide real performance benefits but might leave something to be desired in terms of visuals, but the new Luft-Technik Red Carbon-Kevlar Intake System is not either. It gives you the uncompromised blend of peak efficiency and striking appearance that will set your MK7 GTI apart. Paired with the rest of our red carbon-kevlar engine beauty covers and your engine bay becomes a sea of coordinated red and black that goes above and beyond the traditional dress-up parts popularized in the mid-2000s. Give your MK7 GTI an impressive upgrade it deserves and one you’ll excitedly show off as soon as we can have car meets again.