The GTI Celebrates Its 45th Birthday: A History Of The GTI And A Look To The Future

In 1974, Volkswagen introduced the three and five-door hatchback oddly named the Golf as a modern replacement for the already five-decade-old Type 1 Beetle. Now, forty-five years later, we are eagerly awaiting the US-release of the new MK8 that continues the legacy of the staple hot-hatchback. Before the refresh makes it to our shores, though, [...]

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VW Atlas and Tiguan MQB Performance Upgrades

Some years ago right before I started working here at ECS, I had always associated our products with typical performance platforms. The rest of the models offered by European automakers just didn’t have that ‘enthusiast’ owner base that others do, like the GTI, M3, or S4. However, we offer more than just support for those [...]

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Fixing the VW MK7 R Common Problems

The VW MK7 R has been in our hands long enough now that some of its weak points have become clear to owners and enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a second-hand MK7 R, chances are, these issues have already been addressed, but it’s certainly something to look out for and check the service history. Whether [...]

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How Reliable is the VW MK7 R?

The MK7 Golf R is VW’s best-performing out of the box hot hatchback solution. It draws enthusiasts to its 292hp turbocharged version of the MQB Gen3 engine, all-wheel-drive system, available manual transmission, and practical 5-door hatchback layout. While it is still new, the MK7 R has not posed too many reliability concerns in the first [...]

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Brand New ECS OEM Intercooler Delete Bracket Kits for MK5/6/7 GTI/Golf R

We’re cranking out the hits lately. First, the MK5/6 2.0T FSI/TSI fabricated aluminum intake manifold drew tons of attention from big turbo builds. Now, we’re helping you reach those goals to reduce weight and increase efficiency. The new in-house designed MK5, MK6, and MK7 GTI/Golf R OEM Intercooler Delete Brackets are the best way to [...]

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Best Upgrades for your VW MK4 GTI 1.8T

The Volkswagen MK4 GTI with the 1.8T engine is one of the most commonly modified platforms available. Thanks to its availability, affordability, and the aftermarket support offered for this engine, it’s more of a question of where to start rather than what to do. Everyone knows bolt-on upgrades paired with a software tune are the [...]

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Volkswagen MK4 Common Problems

The MK4 platform is one of the best-selling VW models of all time, especially if you include all the possible variants. The Jetta, Beetle, and Golf all shared the MK4 platform from 1998-2005 (give or take, some versions started later, others ended later). With several engine options, layouts, and even models to choose between, it's [...]

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How To Prepare Your Car For Winter Driving

Winter is quickly approaching and that means shorter days, colder temperatures, and fewer weekends to spend in the garage preparing for it. Right now is the time we put our fun cars, bikes, and other toys away and go back to driving our beaters. That, or preparing our daily driver for the changing weather. Be [...]

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Big Power: 2.0T FSI/TSI Fabricated Aluminum Intake Manifold Upgrade

The 2.0T FSI/TSI engine has the potential for substantial power. Despite its small displacement, the power ceiling is fairly high for even simple bolt-ons. An intake, turbo-back exhaust, coil packs, software upgrade, and a K04 turbo make the 2.0T an absolute weapon. However, in the process, weak points that would otherwise not be an issue [...]

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