Some years ago right before I started working here at ECS, I had always associated our products with typical performance platforms. The rest of the models offered by European automakers just didn’t have that ‘enthusiast’ owner base that others do, like the GTI, M3, or S4. However, we offer more than just support for those common enthusiast vehicles, we do our best to recognize that there is an excited owner for pretty much anything made by our favorite manufacturers. That’s why we’re happy to bring our flavor and experience to platforms like the Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan for owners who want to have a bit more fun behind the wheel of their crossover. 

The Atlas has received a warm welcome from the North American VW community. Assembled in my hometown of Chattanooga, TN, the Atlas is offered with either a 2.0T or VR6 and recently received a facelift based on the Cross Sport version of the mid-size SUV. Based on the MQB platform, the Atlas shares plenty of its DNA with other VW models built around that platform, which makes the production of aftermarket upgrades much faster on our end. So, we’re happy to bring you a few new performance parts with more on the way for your SUV!


2.0T Luft-Technik Intake

The smaller of the two engine options available, the 2.0T Gen3 engine is no stranger to contemporary VW enthusiasts. With only some simple tweaks made to adapt it for the Atlas, we were able to do the same with our existing intake design and specifically design it around those changes to bring a noticeable improvement to your Atlas’ sound and performance. Our Luft-Technik intake increases airflow by 23% over stock and helps stave off the effects of heat soak with a sealed heat shield assembly. Perhaps most impressive is the sound, which is quite surprising to hear from the likes of a family-hauling SUV. 


2.0T Big Bore Turbo Inlet

While not specifically unique to the Atlas 2.0T, the ECS Big Bore Turbo Inlet is another way to both reduce restriction and increase performance from your crossover SUV. With the same 2.0T found in other MQB applications, the Atlas benefits from certain upgrades that are universal to the platform. Our Turbo Inlet, when paired with the Luft-Technik intake, you’ll notice a more engaging turbo and intake sound, build boost more quickly and feel an improved throttle response build boost faster.


VR6 Luft-Technik Intake

Similarly, the VR6 model uses our formula for success with intake technology. The larger-displacement narrow-angle V6 sees an airflow increase of 32% and makes an additional 12WHP/16WTQ when you plant your foot thanks to our efficient design. Like the 2.0T version, the VR6 Luft-Technik intake features a heat shield to completely separate the intake air filter from the cabin so only the coolest, most dense air makes it through the free-flowing intake for the most performance gains possible.



VR6 Resonator Delete Pipe

While the point is to have a comfortable and convenient utility vehicle, many Atlas Cross Sport VR6 owners still want to experience some of the glorious noise that engine has made famous. With a simple upgrade like our Resonator Delete Pipe, you can enjoy the VR6 sounds without making the exhaust note the defining feature of your SUV. The point is to be subtle, but still appreciate this unique engine sound and show that it isn’t just some appliance – the Atlas Cross Sport is as much an enthusiast vehicle as the rest of the VW lineup, after all. 


Wrapping Up

Of course, we do have plenty of other upgrades for less-common models, like the Tiguan, for folks who want to spice up their family haulers, but these are just the latest in our exploration into delivering upgrades to specific niche groups. In our opinion, a VW enthusiast of any kind is still an enthusiast, so we’ll keep bringing excellent performance parts that cater to as many types of VW owners as we can. The only real question is, what should we make next?