CRP Automotive has supplied OE quality replacement parts to European manufactured vehicles for over 50 years. This longevity and dedication to OEM standards have made CRP and their subsidiaries Rein Automotive, ContiTech, Pentosin, and others, incredibly well known and trusted in the automotive community.

Nearly every restoration or maintenance project features their parts, and for good reason: their quality, service, and trustworthiness has made them one of the largest suppliers to companies like ECS Tuning in order to provide the very best in OE quality replacements to enthusiasts like you.

With their impressive catalog and affiliate companies’ specialties, CRP Automotive can offer nearly every replacement part you might need when it comes time to refresh your favorite European performance vehicle or even restoring that hunk of metal rotting away in your neighbor’s barn.

For more than 30 years CRP Automotive has been the largest supplier of import replacement parts for all European makes. With their time-tested dedication to quality and service, let CRP Automotive help you finish that repair or see that your classic car once again enjoys feeling its tires on the pavement.

All your essential replacement parts from CRP are available right here at ECS Tuning, your trusted source in aftermarket and replacement parts for your favorite performance car.


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CRP Automotive

Trusted source in OEM Quality Replacement for 50 Years!