In the early days of automobiles, engines were lubricated by conventional mineral oil. This oil is cheap and still used occasionally today, but lacks key properties found in modern synthetic oils which eliminate it as the ideal oil selection for a modern performance engine. These modern engines require more than just a specific viscosity when it comes to meeting the necessary criteria for your engine. Not all oil is created equal, and a common question in the car community is ‘which oil is best for my car?’ With the help of LQUI-MOLY, we can show you the importance of different types of oil and which ones are right for which engines.

First, we need to look at Conventional Oil. Like a mixture of salad dressing, traditional oil is quite heterogeneous chemically. If you have ever seen a bottle of oil and vinegar dressing sit long enough to separate, you can visually understand what is happening to the similar chemical structure of traditional engine oil. By itself, this separation is not exactly optimal when starting an engine cold. Beyond separation, the chemical inconsistency of this oil makes the inclusion of ever-important additives very difficult. Additives become yet another layer of the separated mixture rather than amalgamating thoroughly.

More commonly seen today are synthetic oils, for which there exist a dizzying number of producers and distributors. Plenty of synthetic oil producers offer oil in the correct viscosity, but few are able to claim the amount of rigorous quality assurance tests and scientific dedication as LIQUI-MOLY. They produce lubricants with unique additives necessary to improve the performance and lengthen the service life of your engine under extreme stress in all weather conditions. LIQUI-MOLY produces several specific types of oils and additives for more precise usage in a similar way as their Top Tec 4200 synthetic oil and their increasingly popular Molygen oil.

Top Tec 4200 is a state-of-the-art, low-friction, all-season engine lubricant suitable for both gasoline engines and diesel engines, with few exceptions. The latest in additives and the use of HC synthetic technology combined with their unconventional base oil assures this oil will protect the engine from advanced wear and tear while reducing the friction and consumption rate of the oil during its service life. Thanks to its superb penetration, this lifespan can grant drivers longer intervals between changes, especially for low-milage commuters. LIQUI-MOLY tested this oil for forced induction vehicles, proved it reduced pollutant emissions, demonstrates a smoother engine operation, its use reduced fuel consumption, and rapidly delivers oil effectively even at low temperatures. These factors give Top Tec 4200 the capability of having a long service life with that excellent wear and tear resistance and lubrication reliability.


While you may notice similar makeup and function to Top Tec in this next oil, LIQUI-MOLY Molygen is slightly different and sits in a category of its own. Specific additives, like their Synthetic Tungsten-based friction modifiers, mean Molygen exhibits 15% lower friction coefficients than competitive oils. This, in turn, gives your engine advanced protection, better fuel economy and offers a longer service life for the oil. While being as close to zero friction as possible makes LIQUI-MOLY oils the preferred choice, Molygen offers another key benefit over anything else on the market: the green color.

Initially, the predator-blood colored oil appears to be a neat gimmick. However, this oil provides an excellent service to at-home mechanics. The presence of slightly radioactive dye gives the oil a distinctive glow under ultraviolet light. If you can’t track the source of an oil leak on the outside of your engine, a quick flash with a UV light from ECS immediately pinpoints your problem area. This allows Molygen to deliver the best (and only) molecular friction control for your engine and provides a handy way to stay ahead of engine faults you may otherwise overlook or ignore!

When it comes time to change the oil, be sure to select the right oil for each car. LIQUI-MOLY provides the best in specific lubricants and additives for each unique engine and tailors their makeup to optimize the performance and lifespan of your favorite car. Choosing Top Tec or Molygen gives every engine the best in protection and lubrication and gives drivers the peace of mind that their car has the best in lubrication technology.

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