The MK7.5 GTI that will end up in the hands of one lucky customer later this summer is coming right along. Zach wasted no time in beginning the extensive modifications we have planned for the GTI and has already made some serious changes. The MK7.5 GTI is no longer a factory-spec car thanks to a brilliant suspension upgrade sent to us by H&R. The adjustable H&R performance coilovers bring the GTI closer to the ground and provide excellent ride and roll control to give the GTI a newfound love of corners. The lowered ride height makes the handling characteristics greatly improved, but H&R’s dedication to proper damper rebound and compression and correct spring rates for each car means ride quality is not affected over high or low-speed bumps.

With the upgraded suspension and an improved cornering ability comes the need for more aggressive brakes. From StopTech, the GTI received a Trophy Big Brake Kit to cut down on stopping distance. The improved brakes offer better cooling in the two-piece rotors designed for heat dissipation, a sturdier caliper through-bolt design, and more pistons per caliper for consistently strong brake pad engagement. The Trophy Big Brakes offer a significant improvement in brake force and cooling that gives the GTI an impressive ability to halt on command. The biggest improvement comes from braking into a corner: now the GTI transfers much less weight as it transitions into and out of corners, meaning entry speed can be increased and the moment of braking can be postponed slightly. Those differences combine to drastically increase the cornering speed and power delivery through corners to make this car one formidable opponent in the chicanes.

Finally, in order to clear the brakes, Neuspeed provided some temporary wheels so we wouldn’t have to wait to enjoy the MK7.5 GTI’s new upgrades. Thanks to Neuspeed, the big brakes clear with no issue and our GTI sits flush and proper with the more aggressive offset wheels. Check out the video below to see Zach prep, install, and test drives the GTI with the new parts! Don’t forget: this MK7.5 GTI could be YOURS! Every $50.00 spent on anything at ECS Tuning enters you automatically to be in the running to win our one-of-a-kind, completely built, brand-new MK7.5 GTI.