The MK7 Jetta has made waves since its introduction as a step up in the commuter sedan with a performance twist from Volkswagen. As an alternative to the Golf, it offers grown-up looks, a trim model for every budget, and available features that would make any luxury car owner question their purchase decision. With economy and performance trims available, the Jetta truly offers something for any driver. Something the Jetta has always excelled at is presenting enthusiasts with a platform to modify and improve that is slightly different than the run-of-the-mill Golf and the MK7 is no different, especially now thanks to our expanding catalog of in-house developed performance and visual upgrades. With our most recent additions, you can easily dress up your MK7’s exterior and give it a hearty bump in performance. Let’s take a peek at what is already available for your MK7 Jetta from our Volkswagen department here at ECS Tuning.

Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler

The front fascia of the MK7 Jetta is perhaps the most controversial region found on the car. It looks somewhat like a cross between a Ford Fusion and a B9 A4, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. VW did an excellent job bringing the namesake into the future with this front end, but they can always stand to be improved. That’s why we developed the Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler to bring the front end closer to the ground and offer a more aggressive countenance.

Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Grille Flares

One more way to spruce up that front end is with our sharp and angular Grille Flares. Made from glorious carbon fiber, these flares completely change the look of your front bumper and surround the fog lamps to give your MK7 a more motorsport-inspired look with a simple installation. These pair incredibly well with the front lip spoiler to transform your Jetta’s appearance with meaner looks and an air of sophistication.

Rear Lower and Upper Control Arm Bushings

Carried over from some of the shared MQB platform VWs, the Polyurethane Control Arm Bushing sets offer reduced deflection and improved confidence in the corners. While your MK7 Jetta is likely too new for these to offer a maintenance benefit, they do give your steering and handling a tighter feeling for a more engaging driving experience. Pick up both sets for a more connected commute or spirited drive. We also offer these as pre-installed versions with brand new control arms for the upper set if you don’t want to press out the existing rubber bushings for an even easier install.

ECS Tekniform Wheels

Not necessarily MK7 Jetta exclusive, our Tekniform wheel line is our answer to the relatively new process of Rotary Forging. This process is a middle ground between traditionally low-pressure cast wheels and fully forged wheels. With a lower price point than the forged options and lower weight with better durability than cast wheels, Tekniform wheels offer incredible looks and quality for any budget. Our wheel options for your Jetta are designed for perfect fitment to fill out the fenders, improve the stance, and give you an overall visual change to the whole car’s character you will surely enjoy.

Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler

Finally, rounding out the visual upgrades we have released thus far, our most recent addition to the catalog is our brand-new carbon fiber rear spoiler. The somewhat subtle but still visually impressive spoiler fits perfectly to the contours of your Jetta’s trunk and installs in minutes for an almost instant visual change. Pop this bad boy on and enjoy a completely new attitude from your MK7 Jetta.

Of course, our catalog is constantly expanding. With the engineers and our VW department hard at work, more will come soon. For now, you can outfit your MK7 Jetta with some tasteful carbon fiber upgrades, fresh wheels, and better-performing bushings while we all eagerly await what’s next in the MK7 Jetta parts catalog.