An integral part of car enthusiasm that is open to all who wish to be a part of this world is the grassroots car meet. Passionate owners gather on weekend afternoons in parking lots across the country to support their friends and other locals who help organize these budding meets for an intimate setting. There, attendees are able to catch up with friends, see new additions to their respective scenes, and make new bonds with people who share their interest in the local community. Here in Northern Ohio, we at ECS Tuning love to be involved with these groups to help them grow and be a resource that they can use as a platform to improve their outreach. One such newer group who kindly invited us to their fall meet is the up-and-coming Euro Summit, a European car enthusiast collective who focus on Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW models from around the North East Ohio area.


Evan, one of the founders of Euro Summit, is as passionate about his VWs as he is bringing his friends together to hang out in the midst of all their favorite cars. With the help of Track First and Flitzen Factory, he made this past Saturday a wonderful opportunity to fill a parking lot with nothing but the best Euro cars the locals could bring.

Something that surprises me, as a Nashvillian, is how the community persists even as the weather turns cold. The day barely saw sunlight that lasted more than a few minutes consecutively as the sky was mottled gray and dark with clouds that spit rain on the crowd more than a few times. Back home, anything under 65 degrees and less than clear skies sees drastically reduced turnout. Thanks to the dedication of the Euro Summit members, a hearty attendance filled the lot despite the blustery conditions and scattered showers.


These events are the lifeblood of enthusiasts because of their accessibility. In racing, so many hidden costs prevent most of us who would otherwise become involved from affording the overall price of entry. It is almost necessary to have a truck, trailer, tons of spare parts, wheels, tires, and the cash to afford multiple weekends away from home paying for entry to races. Not to mention all the money spent on driving instruction, open track time, and building a car to safety specifications for all the major sanctioning bodies. With the grassroots car meet, a bone-stock VW New Beetle is all you need to show up and be a part of the movement.

The common love for cars, specifically of European origin, is the biggest component required to be a part of something like Euro Summit. No fees, no competition, just a relaxed environment full of new friends with which you are guaranteed to have common interests. Grassroots meets are open to all and give so many the chance to become involved in what may be their first participation in car enthusiast culture. These groups and events allow enthusiasts to grow and discover new avenues with which to explore their passion in an environment that offers support, friendship, and an outlet to express themselves.

Thanks again to all those who attended the Fall Meet this past Saturday. We look forward to more events next year after the cold months give way to spring weather. Be sure to check out the Euro Summit Facebook page and join the conversation in the North East Ohio area about all things Euro. We would also like to extend a special thank you to our hosts, Flitzen Factory and Track First as well as our stand-in photographers for the event, Zack Davis and Kayla Schroyer. You can explore Kayla’s photography at and more of Zack’s photography at