Just like motorsports never stops evolving as new technologies develop and discoveries are made by drivers to take their cars to new levels, ECS never stops growing to meet those demands. We bring companies on board who produce high-quality products to provide enthusiasts the widest variety of modifications and manufacturers so their build can be completely tailored to their liking. Companies who share that vision of constantly improving both their product and their outreach solely for the purpose of their customers’ satisfaction, however, are somewhat harder to find than one would think. FEAL Suspension is one of those companies that was borne from a need for competitive racing suspension at an affordable price that is still customizable enough to be specific for your driving style or sport of choice.

FEAL Suspension began in the world of motocross and rallycross as they were required to develop and tune their own suspension. As the demands on their vehicles grew, so too did their needs for an increasingly competitive suspension setup. After tuning, then re-valving and rebuilding, they ultimately designed their own dampers for the perfect blend of performance and affordability.

While affordable coilovers with available Swift Springs upgrades, 30-way adjustable damping, ride height adjustability, and Teflon-injected pillow ball mounts are fairly standard in today’s coilover market, FEAL develops their suspension specifically for how you will be driving the car. Their dedication to specific uses extends from grassroots drifting all the way to professional rally driving and even extends to European driving series. FEAL takes everything from downforce and tire specs to what part of the country your car will be driving into account when developing your specific suspension, which makes them unique in their price range for performance tailored to your BMW.

Improving your BMW’s handling can be achieved in many ways, but FEAL Suspension will give you a competitive edge in specialized suspension for your car the way you need it to perform. Their durable coilovers are sure to give you an advantage on the street or track while offering supreme quality at a respectable cost. Upgrade your BMW with FEAL Suspension to really feel that difference behind the wheel.

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