The triple-threat for useable, instant, reliable power is a tried and true combination of parts. Each performance upgrade performs a specific function to improve the factory output of your MINI, and all three are a sure way to make a significant increase in horsepower, but not all upgrades are equal in their benefits. Those ‘big three’ early bolt-on power upgrades are traditionally a cold air intake, underdrive pulleys, and performance software tuning. ChipWerke Performance produces the latter, which offers an instant plug-and-play tuning upgrade for nearly every vehicle. The ChipWerke device is designed to be one of the easiest ways to improve your driving experience at an incredible horsepower per dollar ratio that is both safe for your MINI and undetectable at the dealership.

ChipWerke modules are the next generation in stealth performance. The removable device is a direct plug-in to your engine management that cannot be detected once it is removed. The ChipWerke device does not overwrite any original software, so no footprint is left in the ECU. Rather, the ChipWerke device uses stored information, specific to your vehicle and its software, that it uses in place of the factory software. Now when you take your MINI to the dealership for service or a software update that nothing is lost by removing the device to protect your warranty. All information is returned to the vehicle as soon as the device is reinstalled after your trip to the dealership.

Since the ChipWerke device doesn’t void your warranty and boasts an 18-35% horsepower increase (depending on model), this makes their module one of the best around for convenience and performance. The easy to install unit comes with everything you need to improve your MINI’s power output to either start your quest for more power or round out a series of solid beginner bolt-ons.

Another added benefit of the ChipWerke module is their ability to improve the fuel economy of any vehicle equipped with the unit. While it does not actively change the mapping to make your MINI behave differently in fuel delivery, what it does provide is a significant increase in low-end torque and horsepower. This allows a driver in normal conditions to shift earlier and save more fuel: up to 15% in some cases, depending on how you drive!

With the benefits of more horsepower, torque, and miles per gallon, and no downsides like a voided warranty or trip to an expensive dyno technician, the ChipWerke tuning solution is the perfect instant power option for your MINI. Whatever you drive, ChipWerke can help pull more power and better fuel economy from your engine for a more spirited driving experience. Everything you need in one box to start producing up to 35% more power in your MINI with a risk-free element is a rarity in the tuning world, which is why we think ChipWerke should be taken seriously for anyone looking for instant, usable on the street, reliable, and safe power.