When it debuted at the Bejiing Auto Show, the Golf R400 concept immediately became the most aggressively styled VW hot hatchback since the reintroduction of the Scirocco. The MK7 R400 concept was designed to be a 395-horsepower Golf R alternative with an appearance so overly in-your-face Dominic Toretto himself would take a step back. The unfortunate reality of Dieselgate sealed the fate of the R400 edition Golf, but did not entirely kill off the styling. Enthusiasts around the world and here at ECS spoke up and demanded the unique and eye-catching body kit be available to those who were interested in transforming their MK7, so here it is: the MK7 R400 Concept Conversion Kit is now for sale to make your Golf, GTI, or R resemble the concept kit that so very nearly made it to production.

This aggressive design is perfect for an OEM-plus build in its full kit, or, with individually available parts, an excellent way to throw a new spin on other kits by piecing elements together. Each piece of the kit can be purchased separately or as a full conversion, so each order can be tailored to your idea of what your MK7 will become. The kits come primed and ready for paint and provide all necessary mounting hardware and brackets for the factory fitment you would have expected on a real R400.

This is your chance to have your MK7 look the way you want and the way the R400 should have been made. With other tasteful performance upgrades, your GTI or R can easily surpass the respectable 400-horsepower output predicted for the now dead R400 while matching the intimidating looks offered by the concept car.

This kit is exactly what your MK7 needs if you are interested in having the most unique version around while retaining an OEM-like appearance. Take your MK7 to the next level with the full conversion or mix and match these pieces with other available body kits to create a personal visual upgrade package unique to your car. Stay tuned for more excellent products to make your MK7 the best it can be!

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MK6 R400 Concept Kit