With warm weather finally upon us, our cars that have been in hibernation or under the knife all winter are ready to stretch their legs and take advantage of sunny afternoons. For many of us, our cars are being prepped for season opener shows across the country. After sitting for a winter, there are a few things that will need to be addressed before our cars are ready to break necks on the showgrounds. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make show prep a breeze and have your pride and joy looking polished and perfect (to you, anyway) for the big shows.

Once your car has been revived you can go about detailing and prepping the car for your upcoming show. Detailing and washing cars is a cathartic experience for most car enthusiasts and everyone has their own method. How you detail your car is up to you, but for the best clean finish, the products you choose will make a huge difference.

Honest Wash has everything you need for the exterior of your car to be show-ready. Foam sprayers are an absolute breeze for a full wash, and their teddy bear microfiber towel sets are just what you need to get everything clean without any swirls or scratches. Their Deluxe Foam Sprayer Kit is an all-in-one package that is designed to increase your speed and efficiency in cleaning the outside of your car so you can spend more time focusing on the little details that are left out if you become impatient or run out of time.

For the rest of your exterior, Honest Wash has a Professional Wheel Cleaner kit and an Engine Bay Cleaning kit that will help you tackle brake dust and grime to get that show car shine on every corner of your car.

Finally, their Car Show Prep Quick Detail Spray will make sure no blemishes, fingerprints, or bird $%&@ that marred your car’s beauty on the way to the show will be seen. Make sure your car is perfect and ready to go with the detail spray and wheel & tire shine kits for a squeaky clean look.

Honest Wash has tons of products designed to give your car the best total detail possible. You can trust them, Honest is in the name!