When it comes to modern companies focused on vintage BMW support, the list is not a long one. Over the years, names like Hartge, AC Schnitzer, Zender, Husco, and more have been replaced by contemporary equivalents. These new companies refuse to let the aging pre-90’s BMWs fade away into obscurity. CATuned is one of the foremost breakout companies who focuses on providing unique support with either reproductions or entirely new parts and products for the vintage BMW community. Their builds are inspiring throwbacks brimming with subtly updated touches to make these classics more appropriate in the world of million-dollar show cars.

CATuned is no stranger to the spotlight. Their E10 ratrod that debuted at SEMA 2016 featured one of their specialties, a built M20 turbo, as well as custom Turbofans sporting Mtech colors, and an almost nameless number of performance upgrades. Their attention to detail is what makes CATuned one of the biggest names in vintage BMW performance today.

Working with their E30s, E28s, E9s, and countless other classic chassis, CATuned has developed a catalog of parts that makes owning one of these vintage BMWs less of a headache. Their support includes performance suspension, brake conversions, rebuilt transmissions, engine blocks, heads, camshafts, and everything you could need to restore or improve that classic BMW in your garage.

Quite possibly their biggest addition to the aftermarket vintage BMW community has been their adjustable coilovers. The CATuned adjustable super sport coilovers for the E30 chassis are special, as the E30 notoriously requires welding the front wheel hubs to your coilover strut body, which can be a pain for anyone who has never had to weld them before.

CATuned offers pre-welded coilovers in either the standard or max-low options for a direct fit with brand new hubs and bearings to boot! Even better, send your old hubs back for a core refund. The overall cost ends up lower than purchasing a set of coilovers from anywhere else and having them welded. What’s more, the CATuned coils have been proven as exceptional suspension components both on and off the track. The easiest solution is also one of the most capable, which is a rarity in BMW performance.

Fortunately for those of us with vintage BMWs, CATuned is here to help us keep our cars on the road and better than ever with their incredible product support and inspirational builds. Making the choice to drive and modify classic BMWs is often a tough one due to the lack of parts availability, but with the help of companies like CATuned, we are able to continue to enjoy these incredible pieces of motorsport history.