For the past few years, ECS Tuning has been sparsely present at events, trade shows, and race tracks as we have been focusing on our growth. While we are still experiencing these growing pains, we are looking forward to being present at more events locally and around the East Coast. This past weekend, we had the pleasure of attending Eurotrash Apparel Company’s event The Euro District in Hendersonville, Indiana. We were also excited to unveil the MK7.5 GTI, which we displayed at the show. For the build, we partnered with H&R, StopTech, Racingline, 034Motorsport, LIQUI-MOLY, Maxton Design, and other fantastic vendors who helped us make this showstopper MK7.5 GTI into the absolute monster that we will present to a lucky winner later this summer. The progress on the GTI is ongoing, but so far we have added the StopTech Trophy big brakes, H&R coilovers, some wheels provided by Neuspeed, and of course the wicked livery designed exclusively for this GTI to represent the best in European performance tuning. 

While most of our day centered around answering questions about the GTI, signing up the free entries show attendees were allowed to claim, and staffing our booth, we did have an opportunity to dodge raindrops and scope out some of the incredible builds lining the street.

This gorgeous pair of vintage GTIs sporting period-correct BBS accessories had us drooling all day. Two drastically different directions in creativity are clearly represented by these cars, but underneath they are both MK2 GTIs.

We truly love our vintage VWs. This BBS valance is not something you see every day. The green MK2 is one that caught our eye simply for its subtlety; the different, Corrado-like headlights and agressive splitter, valance, and additional lower fog lamps, all make up the Rallye fascia found on very few production GTIs.

We can’t tell whether we like the BBS Turbofans more or the polished aluminum RS’s tucking lips under the Rallye.

The air after the rain mixed with gasoline and local food that appropriately matched the glistening paint that gleamed with beads of water on fresh wax. Several of our favorite cars from friends and customers made appearances alongside some cars we were more than happy to become newly acquainted with at the show. The flow of water droplets through mixed sunlight quickly became a blessing, as all the photography from the show takes on a dark and mysterious feel that captures the atmosphere of the show perfectly.

Our favorite Audi builds:

Always nice to see familiar builds like @Rowdyy_audi ‘s S4. The Louis Vuitton lip makes us giggle.

A unicorn posted up sporting the coveted TTRS badge and impeccable fitment.

Radi8 wheels have produced some designs that make us look twice at the styling. The throwback bottlecap outer face and spokes featuring contrasting shapes are what make the R8CM9 so attractive while also making one think of historic racing wheels.

OK, this had to be planned. The Dogwood tree behind this Avant matched its neo-chrome scheme too well.

Some killer BMWs:

This Z4 is currently driven by Brandon, @always_litz4 on Instagram. The bagged late model E86 is eye-catching for a number of reasons. Beyond its obvious stance, the most notable quality is its bodywork. The symmetry of the body lines and retention of all the slightly less than blatantly obvious factory ‘z’ shapes sculpted into every aspect of the car’s appearance make it bold but still true to itself.

One of the few vintage BMWs present, this type 114 sported box fenders, and aero last seen on touring cars driven by legends in screaming four cylinders.

Of course, God’s Chariot deserves its moment in the Sun (or rain).

The rear of this 2002 is just insane. Completely period correct; it reminds us of the 1975 group 5 Schnitzer team’s car to a certain degree with the spoiler. The boxed fenders and molding are both contemporary and retro stylings, which appears to have been a theme recently.

Some Porsche pics:

The best of the VWs:

A Caddy being used the way it should.

Something about this MK1 Jetta just screams class.

Smokin’ hot Cabriolet on some BBS RAs. The European-style removed front bumper further compliments the noticeable transformation at the hands of a determined owner the vintage Volkswagen has certainly experienced.

Someone needs to explain that Georgia is farther south to this peach.

The MK7.5 GTI:

We thoroughly enjoyed this season opener despite the shoddy weather and absolutely loved being able to chat with supporters and customers alike. The amount of quality builds present at The Euro District was a welcome change from seeing our own builds and employee cars on a daily basis. This show gives us so much to look forward to this summer as we gear up to become more active in the community by being present at events like this. We hope you enjoyed seeing the MK7.5 up close and personal for the first time! Don’t forget, the car could be yours: every $50.00 you spend on products from ECS Tuning automatically enters you for a chance to take home the title to our biggest build yet. Stay tuned for more coverage and please let us know in the comments if you enjoyed seeing us there and if you spot your car in the coverage. Until next time, family!