What makes a performance car so enticing to enthusiasts of all types? When we look reductively at the fundamental attractiveness of European performance vehicles, the underlying similarity is an emotional connection to what car guys would consider a blank slate. Approaching a new build is an open world of possibility, which is part of where that sentiment originates. For many, the desire to take a car that was essentially produced for fun on the street out-of-the-box and turn it into something more exclusive for competitive use is the direction to which they turn. Racing modifications are where the whole car scene originated and how most of us came into the world of cars as more than just transportation. Since the beginning, the competitive use of automobiles and modification for racing purposes have driven us to amazing products and advancements in racing technology that will help you keep pace with the rest of the drivers on the grid. To help you succeed in your racing hobby, whether you are just starting out or coming back for another build, ECS Tuning has used all our available resources to collect the best names in aftermarket manufacturers who focus exclusively on competitive products.

Whether you drive an Audi, BMW, MINI, or Volkswagen, we have dedicated products intended to provide safety and performance improvements on the track or give you additional scene points at the next meet with functional race parts in your street car. The importance of safety equipment is more than just the stellar looks they add, however. Many sanctioning bodies require certified equipment in order to compete, so that is where companies like those listed below come in to help you stay safe, legal, and looking like a pro.


Quite possibly one of the most well-known racing equipment manufacturers in the business, Sparco offers racing steering wheels, competition seat mounts, racing harnesses, and their world-renowned bucket seats. Their parts need almost no introduction as they have been made famous both cinematically and in the gaming world, basically indoctrinating every ten-year-old boy into the church of Sparco racing products. Their seat brackets, specifically, take out the guesswork when it comes to mounting fixed bucket seats in your track car or the weekend warrior, so make sure your next pair of seats doesn’t give you a headache by requiring an annoying amount of modification.


Along the same lines as Sparco, OMP is another pioneer in safety and racing equipment. Their steering wheel hub adapters, steering wheels, seats, and seat brackets offer more affordable alternatives to the high-dollar brands like Recaro and Sparco and make racing equipment realistic for the entry-level enthusiast. Their certified products allow beginners to stay safe and meet regulations in order to gain the vital seat time that will help them progress.


Yet another powerhouse, Recaro nearly needs no introduction. Their high-quality and extremely reliable product catalog have found their way into some of the most well-known builds in the professional and amateur circuits alike, and for this reason are generally a go-to choice when you want the name-brand guarantee and unmatched functionality.


More exclusive to our BMW and MINI customers, Brey-Krause is a German manufacturer of racing components and are most known for their OE Seat Fire Extinguisher Mounts. These mounts are absolutely critical for anyone wanting to take their BMW or MINI to any track, either competitively or just for fun, as new regulations do require fire extinguishers be mounted in the car. They are also well known for BMW/MINI-specific seat brackets which allow for the best fit when it comes time to drop in some more stable aftermarket buckets.


While they began in 2001 by producing one-off race regulation compliant parts for Porsches, Rennline has since expanded their catalog by offering universal compliance components and performance pieces for a number of manufacturers and models. Skid plates, safety decal kits, pedal sets, throttle extensions, fire extinguisher mount brackets, and more all come from the Vermont machine shop they have operated since the beginning. Rennline is another great option for both improving the visual aspects of your interior and your overall driving experience.

Schroth Racing

A less expensive option for personal safety, Schroth Racing offers ‘quick-fit’ harness options for nearly every car that give you the benefit of tight racing belts without the requirement of a roll bar, half, or full cage. These belts clip into your existing seatbelt buckles and use the original mounting points rather than needing modification or new mounts. Quick-fit harnesses are an excellent choice for the safety-minded performance driver who wants more out of their car without needing to go full-on race car.


More racing-specific, Racequip brings safety equipment required by everyone from professional sanctioning bodies to grassroots events. Racing helmets are one of the most important aspects of driving a car to the ragged edge as they protect your dome from most shocks you can expect to encounter eventually. These helmets are approved and designed for competitive use and to be the safest, most comfortable, and attractive helmets available.

Wiechers Sport

For your MINI, Wiechers Sport offers structural rigidity upgrades like chassis bracing and strut braces that are both attractive and functional. The bracing they offer benefits from their years of experience developing custom racing cages for individuals up to the top-tier manufacturer’s teams that need to stand up to the harshest of conditions. Chassis rigidity, especially in FWD vehicles, is exceptionally important on the track. Wiechers brings MINI drivers the ability to drop in easy reinforcement components that will improve their driving experience dramatically.


Another powerhouse in the automotive racing world, MOMO has provided some of the world’s best drivers and teams with exceptional racing wheels from Italy for nearly 60 years. Their catalog of styles, from vintage to contemporary, are some of the most respected steering wheels chosen by manufacturers and individuals alike for an unmatched interface between the driver and the car. Whatever your style, there is a MOMO wheel specifically designed to improve your connection to your car and keep your hands where they belong.

Of course, we do have an almost endless supply of other performance brands, but these top-quality racing component manufacturers are exactly what any novice or veteran competitive driver needs to stay on top of their safety equipment. In racing, safety is the highest priority above all. That’s why we offer the range of safety equipment manufacturers necessary to allow anyone at any level to benefit from a concern for their well being behind the wheel and ability to meet regulations on the race track. It’s not all about showing off your pretty parts and high horsepower! Don’t forget to equip your car with the necessary components to ensure the worst case leaves you down a car and not something vastly more important.