BMW equipped most of their cars with brake systems capable of performing incredibly well on the street under normal and even spirited driving conditions. If you want to be more aggressive or even competitive, you will need to address the stopping power and heat dissipation issues that will likely arise with the stock system. StopTech is a leading producer of upgraded brake solutions for street and track vehicles designed for the ultimate braking performance.

StopTech Trophy Big Brake Kits are excellent choices with which to outfit your BMW for either street performance or track use. Each type is specifically designed for their individual use so you will make no compromises for either your street car or race car when it comes to StopTech Trophy Big Brakes.

Included in the kit are the forged, lightweight StopTech STR calipers, floating, slotted AeroRotors, stainless steel brake lines. The kits are based around two, four, and six-piston calipers that were designed around the ST-60, ST-40, and ST-22 calipers. They feature the same composition and design but are engineered with a 20% reduction in weight. This weight reduction does not affect stiffness or performance, making them exceptional for the weight-conscious track driver.

The Trophy Race Big Brake Kits for dedicated track performance features full-float mounting hardware, which takes care of the pad knock-back and eliminates dust boots for the caliper. This maximizes the potential of the brakes to give consistent feedback and pedal response through corners.

The Trophy Sport Big Brake Kits are intended for high-performance use on the street. These use similar technology to the race kits, but have silicone dust boots for extended life and give the assembly a quieter operation for comfort during daily driving. The high-performance street brake pads included in the kit are excellent for street and mild track use, making this kit the best choice for someone who likes to drive their car to the store and the track.

The kits are available with specific fitment and diameters for your BMW, no matter what wheels or setup your car requires. The consistent pedal feedback, overall durability, and exceptional performance of the StopTech Trophy Big Brake Kits are the reason we actually chose them for our MK7.5 GTI we will be giving away this summer. Grab a set of these brakes for your BMW and snag multiple entries to win this one-of-a-kind VW GTI Facelift MK7.