The VW MK7 GTI is quickly becoming a tuning staple just as its predecessors before were. It should be no surprise, then, we have released two more performance parts from our own Research and Development department. specifically designed to improve the rigidity of your MK7 GTI. Our brand new ECS Rear Chassis Brace and ECS Rear Subframe Brace both provide increased stiffness and reduced body roll to help your VW MK7 GTI tackle corners more aggressively and with more control.

Rear Chassis Brace

The ECS Rear Chassis Brace Set is a two-piece bolt on kit that resides between the mounting points of the trailing arm pockets and adds bracing to the relatively weak rear tunnel areas. The increased structural rigidity and decreased body roll from these braces alone make for an excellent upgrade to work in tandem with either your stock or performance suspension settings for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Our Rear Chassis Brace Set is available in different color options and is powder coated for durability and corrosion resistance. The braces fit in directly with no modification necessary to be a simple, bolt-on, at-home improvement to your VW MK7 GTI.

Rear Subframe Brace

For further rigidity, our ECS Rear Subframe Brace connects the sway bar mounts and subframe mounts for improved chassis stiffness. When paired with the rear chassis brace, you will experience superior roll control even on stock suspension. This piece is a solid aluminum block that has pockets milled out for reduced weight and is designed to clear most aftermarket exhaust systems; both without reducing the structural integrity of the brace.

The three color choices available (Black, Clear, and Red anodized) provide excellent corrosion resistance, a sharp color contrast seen from the rear of the vehicle, and includes Geomet-coated hardware for a quick and easy installation that does not require recycling your old hardware.

This brace reduces the subframe deflection and improves overall handling for a flatter feel and a sharper turn-in response. This brace by itself will help your car pivot on its center axis more quickly than without, which makes for a tempting upgrade if you are interested in any aggressive driving like a track day or Auto-X event.

Making your VW MK7 GTI better is our goal: our new bracing and other performance components are designed specifically to improve both your car’s abilities and bolster your experience behind the wheel. Make your MK7 GTI handle and drive the way you have always imagined with the new lineup of goodies from right here at ECS Tuning.