We love the B8 S4. The incredible power band, comfortable interior, and connected driving feeling still present in the late-model Quattro are just a few of the things we like most about our own S4. Unfortunately, the exhaust note is somewhat lacking in our opinion. Of course, there are full exhaust options that can add gobs of noise and some power benefits, but what if you are just looking for a little more grunt and not a deafening roar? Our new B8 S4 Center X-Pipe is just for you.

While the S4 doesn’t exactly have immensely restrictive exhaust, it is tuned from the factory to provide a quiet and comfortable sound more than anything. In its stock form, the only audible sounds that make us giddy are those from the whiny supercharger stacked on top of the engine. This is one of our favorite supercharger noises, especially paired with our X-Pipe. The bolt-in replacement exhaust section fits just like your factory exhaust mid-pipe but adds a throaty resonance to the sound produced by the 3.0T engine.

We have prepared a comparison video here below for you to listen to the difference between a factory setup and our new X-Pipe to hear exactly what a change the X-pipe provides. The B8 S4 now growls from a launch and has a noticeable increase in volume during the camera fly-by, but is not as attention-demanding as the noise from full aftermarket systems.

Since our exhaust is just a bolt-in swap for a restrictive piece, you can improve your driving enjoyment easily from your own driveway or garage with basic hand tools. Your B8 S4 will sound more like the powerful German sedan it is known for without leaving you deaf or ever having to break out a welder. Make sure to add the ECS Tuning Center X-Pipe to your B8 S4 for better sound and more fun!

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ECS Center X-Pipe Kit for your B8 S4