With the recent release of the VW MK7.5 Facelift model, the MK7 will soon start appearing in second-hand markets. One thing we love about the MK7 GTI is its aggressive new look yet familiar interior. Of course, being a tuning company, we always think cars can be even better. The MK7 GTI is no different: our visual upgrades give a meaner and more defined aesthetic theme to the already attractive front and rear ends of the car. Our brand new Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler and our Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser are the perfect additions to even a completely stock MK7 GTI to give it a unique and race-inspired look.

Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler

For the front of the MK7 GTI, our new Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler is authentic and hand-laid carbon fiber material with pre-impregnated carbon fiber cloth and epoxy resin. The UV protective clear gloss coat adds durability and a beautiful finish that makes this lip spoiler shine under the chin of your MK7 GTI. This lip spoiler bolts directly in place and follows the contours of the OEM bumper for exact fitment and head-turning looks. The accurate fitment means no cutting, shaving, or modification to your original bumper cover are necessary to install this lip, so you can be enjoying a fresh new aesthetic upgrade quickly and easily.

Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser


Our Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for the MK7 GTI is similar in construction, but this piece actually replaces the factory rear valence. The impeccable fitment mimics the original piece that it is styled after, but adds the appeal of carbon fiber and diffuser channels. This piece is hand-made to replace the original valence but may require some trimming for exact fitment. However, in almost no time at all, your MK7 GTI can give you a new appreciation for the added style thanks to the front and rear carbon fiber accents.

Alzor Wheels

The final touches to give your MK7 GTI a subtle change in appearance should be wheels and suspension. We suggest a set of Alzor wheels. These excellent and durable wheels are available in a range of fitments and designs to give your MK7 GTI the look you want without breaking the bank.

ECS Street Coilovers

For suspension, our ECS Street Coilovers provide a height-adjustable coilover solution designed specifically for each individual model vehicle to meet damper and spring rate requirements while providing upgraded handling characteristics. These coilovers offer 2 inches of adjustability with fixed damping engineered to be ideal for your MK7 so you don’t have to sacrifice ride quality with your lowered GTI.

The MK7 GTI fitted with stylish Alzor wheels, a new Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler and new Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser, all lowered on ECS Street Coilovers makes for a drastic change in appearance and a sleek theme inspired by a performance look. Make your MK7 GTI the aggressive and striking neck-breaker you have wanted in an afternoon with these components from right here at ECS.

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