Your car is a form of self-expression. What you do to take the car from a standard example, identical to the other models, and turn it into something that represents your creativity is something strictly personal to you. Down to the little details of your car, everything becomes how you want it to be for a specific function, convenience, or simply your taste. The most composed builds leave nothing untouched and require a strict discipline to only source the parts that are most appropriate for the total vision for the car. Each part has to make a statement that is exclusively yours, and few parts offer that addition than the perfect steering wheel to complete your interior. Renown USA produces bespoke wheels modeled after classic motorsport designs to help your car say something special.

Steering wheels are where our hands spend most of their time in the car and they are one of the first things people think about as a necessity to driving, but it wasn’t always so. The wheel was introduced into racing and experienced obvious success as a competitor to traditional tillers. Clearly, the steering wheel prevailed over the tiller and our cars all come standard with a round wheel to do the steering.

The adoption of steering wheels in road-going and racing cars were not just a ‘one size fits all’ application. Like everything else in life, all steering wheels are not created equally. It was an Italian company that made breakthroughs with bespoke designs that have been forever cemented as both aesthetically striking and superior in function for motorsports use. Years later, those styles have drastically changed and taken on new functions as they are cluttered by buttons and controls that cover their oversized and overly safe faces. Renown USA is bringing back the nostalgic feel of more personal grip with their striking looks inspired by the golden years of racing. The contemporary takes on vintage designs from Renown are equal parts heritage and innovation that are tailored for your classic or late model build and reflect a passion for creating more than just another car part.

The timeless look and feel of Renown wheels tell your story as an enthusiast who cares by hinting to their motorsports inspired roots and your choice of wheel. The interface between you and your car should be personal, so every piece of your wheel needs to express that union between driver and car. Renown wheels offer options for tri-color stitching, fine materials choices, multiple spoke designs and diameters for any driver’s preference to match any build and improve your connection to your car.

What wheel you choose, and the materials of which it is composed, are a part of the story you tell with your car. Many others have chosen Renown over competitive wheel manufacturers for the classy looks and customization that make their wheel unique. These wheels can be found everywhere from your local Cars and Coffee to SEMA builds for good reason: just like you, their owners wanted to make a statement and retain a vintage feel to their overall picture of their car. Tell your own story with a bespoke wheel from Renown USA.