If you fall in the camp of BMW enthusiasts who competitively drive their E30s and E36s rather than stand by them, then you know how important weight reduction and aero are for shaving seconds off your split times. While it is easy to take everything but the essentials from inside the car, you are left with exposed wiring, bare metal, and an incomplete appearance. MKAH Motorsports provides interior panels, aerodynamics, and more for your track-prepped BMW.

MKAH Motorsports interior pieces provide a simple, yet stylish, take on a stripped cabin. Their 6-piece rear bench deletes and door card deletes allow you to remove those components without leaving bare metal and exposed wires out for everyone to see. The finished look is also functional: door cards are designed to shed weight while retaining the window and latch functions, while the rear bench delete separates the cabin from the trunk. Center consoles are available as well for placing gauges, switches, and filling those ugly gaps left by your HVAC and radio deletes.

For the exterior of your BMW, rear diffusers, undertrays, front splitters, and hood vents are all available and designed to be lightweight while improving the boxy E30 or E36 shape for better aerodynamics. Their attractively designed splitters and diffusers give a racy look to your BMW while actively channeling air to provide an advantage on the track.

The stripped-out look of a track BMW can be refined to an attractive simplicity thanks to the interior and exterior pieces designed by MKAH Motorsports. Their lineup includes everything you need to take a bare E30 or E36 and make a comfortable cockpit that is free of distractions without adding weight. Make your track-prepped BMW a thing of functional beauty both inside and out!

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