An amazing aspect of the aftermarket car community is that as new generations carry the torch for enthusiasm. We are given new products and manufacturers provided by a number of new enthusiast innovators. These enthusiasts, like the folks up in Vermont at Rennline, are the next wave of household names to emerging in the European aftermarket industry. ECS Tuning is now proud to offer Rennline products and is excited to add yet another enthusiast-driven company to our roster of supporting manufacturers.

Rennline offers several specialty products they design and manufacture for performance and competitive use. They are well known for their fire extinguisher mounting systems and various Porsche parts, but their catalog extends to cover several applications over a wide range of European vehicles and is constantly expanding.

Perhaps one of the more universal products, Rennline offers competition wheel stud conversions, which is designed to replace your inconvenient lug-studs with sturdier and more agreeable wheel studs and lugs. This upgrade is required by some racing leagues for its durability and additional safety, while it is also the perfect way to make removal or installation of wheels a breeze.

On the topic of regulations and requirements, Rennline also provides folding tow hooks, tow decals, their well-known fire extinguisher bracket, and RS-style door pulls for the track enthusiast. Make sure your competitive vehicle meets all the rules with Rennline products while ensuring quality, durability, and style are congruent with the rest of your build.

Of course, there are protective parts as well. The Rennline skid plates protect your car from road hazards that would otherwise spell disaster for your exposed underbody components. These durable shields are the best protection for your car and absolutely necessary for any lowered vehicle that sees rough roads or hard driving.

Rennline is a wonderful addition to our roster from whom we look forward to seeing new and exciting products in the near future. As the Rennline catalog grows, stay tuned for more information about new products that might be for your Audi, BMW, Mini, Porsche, or VW.