Here at ECS Tuning, we are an enthusiast-driven company motivated by a common love of motorsports. One of our favorite aspects of being a part of the aftermarket community is the ability to support other enthusiasts with our products and information. In the case of Turner Motorsport, a foremost BMW Touring Car team and aftermarket tuning company, we have the opportunity to work closely with people who share our enthusiasm. Thanks to that support, we have been able to offer some of the best performance parts for BMWs and to interact with a racing team first-hand. The relationships we have with companies like Turner Motorsport further speaks to our enthusiast nature, especially when our entire company is given a day to spend with the accomplished team and their M6 GT3 race car. That is just what happened this past week as Turner Motorsport prepared for the Mid Ohio IMSA GTD race and we were given a day to chat with Will Turner, see their racing technology, and eat some delicious tacos.

The Turner Motorsport Pit Stop at ECS began early. Those of us who usually stagger into the office later in the morning was bright and chipper as we convened in the parking lot to set up an employee BMW car meet beside the Turner race team. Turner Motorsport had parked their trailer, extended their awning, and rolled out their M6, which was covered by a veil, much to the chagrin of the early arrivals. We positioned our BMWs in an arrangement around the TMS truck, mixing our own ECS BMW builds with employee cars for a hefty variety of incredible cars showcasing some of the enthusiasts here at ECS for the Turner team to inspect.

Before the rest of the ECS team were turned loose in the parking lot, we took Will Turner and his team around our facility to show them the inner-workings of ECS. The tour concluded back in the parking lot just in time for all the cars to be in their final spots and for the taco truck, Wholly Frijoles, to pull up and start cooking lunch for the first half of the ECS Team. We all lined up for some excellent lunch and met up with Will Turner outside to hear more about the race and their strategy.

Will unveiled the M6 amidst a crowd of ECS associates and applause before giving a full demonstration of the BMW’s technology and mechanics that transform the big grand touring car into a GTD class touring car. After fielding several questions, revving the engine, and dropping the car off the air jacks, Will decided we deserved a real show. One of his team members hopped behind the wheel and, to the amusement of everyone, proceeded to try and break the tires loose for some donuts. While the car was set up to grip, we did have the opportunity to see a championship touring car stall out in the middle of j-turns, which was a show in itself.

After two lunches and two demonstrations for everyone here at ECS, Jay Baier found the keys to our E90 M3 and decided he would give his own show. Jay spun the M3 around the lot for some real car-show action that made us appreciate our private lot and that no one was chewed out (too terribly) by anyone with an executive title at either company. The lightheartedness and excitement of the day were felt by everyone, especially after a little tire smoke.

The day concluded as everyone returned to their cars and the M6 was hoisted to the upper deck of the trailer. After a successful day spent around BMWs, Will’s team, and a taco truck, the ECS crew headed back to their homes. The Turner Motorsport race team headed to Mid Ohio, where they began testing and qualifying for the weekend. Fortunately, they invited everyone down with them to enjoy a weekend at the race track, so the fun didn’t end with the all-day affair in the middle of the week.

Thanks to Will and everyone at Turner Motorsport for making a stop here at our facility. We had an absolute blast being up close to some of our heroes and chatting about the fantastic M6 we have been happy to root for as one of our favorite teams. As the season progresses, you can catch up with the Turner Motorsport guys through the IMSA live-streams and cheer along with us for a successful summer! Stay tuned for more Turner Motorsport news and events from ECS Tuning.