Enthusiasts love driving a stick shift. That enjoyment comes from a deeper bond with their car. The engagement offered by mechanically performing the gear change by pushing the clutch pedal and physically moving the gear lever offers a sensation of oneness between the driver and the car. For many, driving a stick shift is more than just a rite of passage: it represents an understanding that some things are just better left to the driver and an unwillingness to relinquish any control over the driving experience. That’s why the gearshift feeling is so important to enthusiasts like us. We feel the most connected to our cars when we change gears, so the first place to make that connection even stronger is right there on the shifter. Our brand new Weighted Shift Knobs for your Audi or VW manual transmission are designed with the sentiments of connection, engagement, and satisfaction placed at the forefront of their development.

The new line of shift knobs includes options for you to best tailor your shifting experience through feel and style choices we know will match perfectly with any driver’s sensory expectations. Each shift knob is offered in either black, blue, red, or bare billet aluminum. These can be left bare or paired with either a suede wrap or a perforated leather wrap. All three choices provide different feels for an individual grip in your Audi or VW.

You can also customize the ECS Tuning engraved locking collar for the perfect style and combination of colors to achieve a matching or color-coordinated interior theme.

Additionally, these weighted knobs are 295 grams, a full 200 grams heavier than the average OEM shift knob. This extra weight is where the biggest change in driving dynamics occurs. The added weight makes gear changes more natural and more rewarding with the heavier, more engaging shift throw.

Of course, each shift knob is available in either 5-speed or 6-speed H-patterns to fit whichever transmission you may have, so no Audi or VW is left out of the new gear shift knobs! Every Audi or VW owner who wants a more connected, more satisfying, and more attractive shift knob can now sport a new ECS-brand knob!