Winter has kept us indoors, but we haven’t been idle. Here at ECS, we have taken advantage of that time to produce a slew of parts for the MK7 platform. The MK7 Golf, GTI, and R are fantastic cars in their own right from the factory, but they can always be improved. Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing our new line of MK7 visual and performance upgrades which will help take your stock hatchback and turn it into something unique. So what have we been developing, exactly? Let’s take a look at some upcoming products hot off the ECS design tables headed straight to your doorstep.

Front and Rear Adjustable Sway Bar End Links

The theme of MK7 Performance is continued with the addition of our Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar End Links! For lowered MK7 owners, adjustable end links are an absolute must. Any performance-oriented MK7 will benefit from the ability to fine-tune suspension settings and more.

Our new end links help eliminate preload on the sway bar and assist in corner balancing, as the 11mm of adjustment can account for even the lowest of modified MK7s. These links improve your sway bar effectiveness and reaction times, which are translated through steering inputs. Best yet, these heavy-duty links are more resilient and durable than their factory counterparts so you can trust these links to be the weakest part of the chain!

Clutch Pedal Stop

To improve your driving experience this spring, get rid of all that dead pedal travel on your clutch! Our new Clutch Pedal Stop allows you to adjust the bottom position of your pedal so there is no more extra travel past engagement. This gives you faster shifts, quicker launches, and a more engaging driving feel. Confidently know each shift will be perfect when your pedal stops by never having to feel for that engagement again.

This fully adjustable stop lets you position the clutch pedal travel to your liking in seconds. Simply install behind the clutch pedal at the factory clutch stop location, adjust the height for your preference, and that’s it! Simple and effective often make for the most enjoyable modifications, and give you instant gratification with a noticeable change in driving dynamics.

ECS Carbon Fiber Fuse Box and ECU Clamshell Cover

Our theme is very Carbon Fiber heavy, so the newest product is no surprise. We are proud to offer a Carbon Fiber Fuse Box Cover! Our ECU cover fits immaculately over the unsightly fuse box and clamshell to provide a congruent theme of tastefully modified goodness. Our exceptional quality, hand-laid carbon weave, and uniquely styled cover follows the factory contour lines for an unparalleled fitment and perfect finish. Complete your build with the subtle touches that set your car apart from the rest!

ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Carbon Fiber Intake and Air Duct

Next, we have developed a pair of carbon fiber engine performance upgrades. The Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Carbon Fiber Turbo Inlet is designed to improve the airflow to your turbo and pair with your aftermarket intake and software tuning. The factory corrugated inlet fails to provide proper airflow to the turbo, especially under increased turbo suction. Our hand-laid carbon fiber inlet tube is a smooth tube engineered for maximum efficiency in delivering enough air to maximize the effectivity of your turbo.

This inlet was designed and engineered in-house for the best fitment and attractive styling to provide both an aesthetic upgrade to your engine bay and a smoother transition of air to your turbo. Thanks to our countless hours of research and testing, we have found this inlet to provide the most consistent airflow in order to maximize the potential of your turbo’s performance.

With the improved airflow through your turbo inlet handled, the new weak point becomes the Intake Ducting on the core support, which is the first site of air induction for your engine. For factory performance, the stock duct is adequate. Any tuning will require improved airflow. We designed our Carbon Fiber Dual Intake Duct to improve the airflow to your engine by increasing the volume by 285%. That massive size difference between our duct and the OEM duct provides a drop in intake air temperature up to 26 degrees (F).


Your MK7 will benefit from lower temperatures, more consistent airflow, and a greater volume of inducted air in order to let your engine breathe as well as possible. Improving your performance increases your engine’s demand for air, so this pair of upgrades are perfect to take full advantage of any supporting modifications and give your engine bay an attractive carbon fiber theme.

The performance increases and visual improvements from our carbon fiber Turbo Inlet and Air Duct are just the beginning. Over the next month, we will release a number of unique products designed in-house to personalize your MK7 and improve your driving experience. Stay tuned for each update to learn more about everything available to modify your VW MK7 Golf, GTI, or R.

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